Community Transit of United Community Action Partnership (UCAP) has announced it is getting ready to expand its service to the residents of Redwood Falls.

Starting this coming Monday (Jan. 8) the Green Route will stop at 10 locations throughout the city during regularly schedule times every weekday.

“Route service in Redwood Falls is something we’ve been researching for years,” said Cathleen Amick, UCAP community transit director. “We’re very excited to finally see it happening.”

The route is becoming a reality thanks to expansion grants made available by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) in early 2017. 

The opportunity was one UCAP could not pass up, and it means the new service will be fully funded for the first year.

“We can use the first year to build ridership and make sure the route can support itself,” said Amick.

The route will run Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. with a break from 11 a.m. until noon. The route includes hourly stops at Westfalls, Lakeside Manor, downtown Redwood Falls, the post office, the library, Country Village Apartments, ACMC, the Redwood Area Community Center, Walmart and Tersteeg’s.

The cost to ride is $1, which is half of the cost of an in-town dial-a-ride bus pickup. The route service is a little different than what people in Redwood Falls are accustomed to experiencing.

“There is no need to call and schedule a ride,” said Nick Leske, operations administrator. "The route stops and times are predetermined. People just need to be waiting at the stop at the right time.”

Route schedules are available from community transit buses or at the UCAP office at the corner of Washington and Second streets in Redwood Falls.

Leske said the Green Route will be of benefit to everyone. The grant covered the cost of a new bus, so the Green Route will allow the dial-a-ride buses to serve the people who are not able to use the Green Route.

“There will be an adjustment period, but we’re hopeful that the convenience of not having to call for a ride and the $1 fare will encourage people to use it,” added Leske.

For more information about the Green Route, contact community transit at (507) 537-7628.