On Dec. 26. 1862, 38 Dakota warriors were hanged in Mankato following the U.S.-Dakota Conflict. It was the largest mass hanging in American history.

On Dec. 10, 2017 a group of riders mounted their horses and began a trek from South Dakota to Mankato to remember those men who were hanged and to try and find ways to heal.

Known as the Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride, the event has been taking place since 2005.

For more than a decade, the riders have braved the December elements arriving at Reconciliation Park Dec. 26 in order to remember.

The group of riders left Lower Brule, S.D. beginning the 330-mile trek and are set to arrived in the Redwood area later this week.

After a brief stay over in the area to allow the horses and the riders to rest, the journey to Mankato begins again and concludes the day after Christmas at the site of the hanging.

To learn more about the ride visit, dragonflydezignz.50megs.com/Dakota-38-plus-2/1pageone2017.html where a daily progress info is being offered.