GFWC Qui Vive club members recognized Lillian Stimpert on her 50-plus years of membership.

GFWC Qui Vive club members recognized Lillian Stimpert on her 50-plus years of membership. A certificate from International GFWC President Sheila Shea was presented to her, as well as a 50-year membership pin.

Lillian was approached by Bernie Mielke in 1966 asking if she would be interested in joining a study club. After checking with her husband and family, she joined on Jan. 20, 1966. Over the years, Lillian has missed very few meetings. She continues to invite potential members.

Most of the past club program books have a cover designed by Lillian. When there were country, district and state contests for club books, Qui Vive Club usually won, with one of the last being the state blue ribbon winner. In recent years, the contest was eliminated.

GFWC Qui Vive club is a member of the largest women's volunteer organization in the world, which started in 1890. Headquarters are in Washington, D.C. The signature project for the organization is domestic violence awareness and prevention.

Lillian has served as Club President and Vice President many times. The Vice President is program chairman for the year. On the district level, she has been Chaplain for a number of years. On the state level, she was Historian in 2014-2016 and assembled the State President's scrapbook. Most years, Lillian presents a topic of interest for a club meeting.

Lillian graduated from St. Mary's High School and got her degree in elementary education from Mankato State University. She started teaching in Janesville and came back to Sleepy Eye St. Mary's School, where she was a teacher and continues to work as a paraprofessional for preschool today.

In addition to her volunteer work in the club, Lillian has given tours of St. Mary's Church, reads lessons for church services, is a member of the Sleepy Eye Historical Society and a past member of the Old Sleepy Eye Collector's Club.