50 years ago

September 1967

• Despite witnesses across the county swearing up and down that the unidentified flying object that drifted across the sky on Thursday evening had portholes and fins, it was only a research balloon lofted by Raven Industries of Sioux Falls, S.D., according to FAA experts at the Redwood Falls airport.

• The Redwood Falls Fire Department burned down Harvey Thompson’s old hog house as a practice session and doused it with gasoline to speed things along. When the fire was ignited it created such a large boom and fireball that nearby residents called the fire department to report the fire.

• Husband and wife doctors Gregory (surgeon) and Wanda (eye specialists) Kaminski, originally of Warsaw, Poland and more recently of Uganda, Africa, confirmed their intention to locate in Redwood Falls as part of Dr. S.F. Ceplecha’s medical practice in town.

• There were enough second grade girls in Redwood Falls’ schools for new Brownies Scout troops to form.

• Western Community Action convinced the city council to hire three unemployed men to construct 50 new picnic tables and re-shingle some shelter houses in Ramsey Park.

• The Redwood Falls Sportsman’s Club announced it newest project: find and acquire some land, preferably near the city, for a permanent shooting range and clubhouse.

• The Redwood Falls High School football team lost to the Luverne Cardinals 49-6, the local team’s worst lost since 1937.

• All that law enforcement could say about the person who broke into the Kiecker oil station in Fairfax was that he was probably a heavy smoker – in addition to about $50 in cash, all of the cigarettes and cigars were cleaned out.

• Local school bus drivers Tom Arnett, Wayne Becker, Art Werner and Jack Hoover donated their time so that Catholic children attending the School of the Precious Blood could attend the Constitution Day program at the high school.

• “Christian Youth in the Jet-Set Age” was the theme of the Redwood Falls Church of Christ’s youth kickoff event.

25 years ago

September 1992

• A Gazette correction stated that Victory Over Japan Day was Sept. 2, 1945, not June 7, and that V-J Day was the day County Commissioner Richard Jacobsen’s oldest daughter was christened, not born.

10 years ago

September 2007

• The residents of three blocks of East 2nd Street appreciated the city redoing the 50-plus year old water lines under the streets, but they were sad about losing 32 trees along those three blocks.

• Deb Hess, Minnesota Inventors Congress executive director, visited the 2007 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart in Taiwan in order to present MIC to a world audience.

• With the recent bridge collapse in the Twin Cities, Ernie Fiala, Redwood County engineer, reassured the public that the county’s 292 bridges were all inspected on a regular basis to National Bridge Inspection Standards.