Saturday’s football game kept fans on the edge of their seat, as St James and Martin County West faced off in New Ulm. St. James started off with an early touchdown in the first few minutes, taking an early lead. In the second quarter, Martin County took a touchdown of their own. The St. James fan section in the bleachers all cheered loudly through the entire game, raising their team sign and chanted before every play to keep spirits high. After halftime, St. James again took the lead early, and maintained until the last few minutes when Martin County made a surprise comeback in the last few minutes of the game, bringing the game to a tie. St. James wasn't able to break the tie before the end of the fourth quarter, and the game went into overtime. Martin County made the winning play in overtime and won the turnover battle 7-2. Parker Jones of St. James made three touchdowns in the game, and two interceptions, keeping Martin County in check through the entire game. “The kids battled very hard and I wanted that win for them,” said coach Jeff Whitney, “These kids here St. James have worked very hard and they deserve to win but as we all know football is a numbers game. “ St. James will be having ing their football games in New Ulm this season because of the ongoing updates and renovations being done on St. James home field. St. James will have their next varsity game on Saturday, September 16th at 5pm in New Ulm, and the game will be against Pipestone, Minnesota.