The Marvin Beranek family south of Wanda was honored with Century Farm status during a ceremony at the Redwood County Fair. Many of the family members were in attendance to accept the award.

In April 1917, Peter B. and Elizabeth Jenniges bought a farm place just south of the town of Wanda. For reasons unknown, they then sold the farm to Peter and Margaret Beranek June 9, 1917, just two months after purchasing it themselves.

The Beraneks kept the farm a bit longer, 100 years and counting to be exact.

They first built a barn and then a house. They raised crops, a large garden and four children – Clem Beranek, Bernice (Beranek) Zwach, Lester Beranek and Marvin Beranek.

When it came time to retire, they moved into a house in Wabasso and their youngest child, Marvin, stayed on the farm place.

In 1951, he married the girl who lived across the field, Patricia Jenniges. (A Jenniges couple was the owners of the land before the Beraneks. It turns out, Peter B. was the brother of Mathias Jenniges, and Mathias was the father of Luxxy Jenniges, who was Patricia’s father.)

Together, Marvin and Patricia continued the farming tradition set by his parents. They also grew field crops, had cattle and pigs, raised a large garden and four children of their own – David Beranek, Michael Beranek, Joann Beranek and Colleen (Beranek) Anderson.

When they retired, their son Michael took over operations of the farm, and he and his wife, Krista Daniels, moved onto a farm place just a mile away. Michael has run the farm since 1991.

Will the farm continue in the family with the next generation?

There are seven grandchildren of Marvin and Patricia’s - Alan and Christopher Beranek (David’s), Chance and Shane Beranek (Mich-ael’s) and Brandon, Blake and Aleta Anderson (Colleen’s). Out of the seven, there is one with the farming gene, and if all goes as planned, he will continue the tradition.