50 years ago

August 1967

• The Redwood Falls City Council condemned 49.2 feet of sidewalk in front of the U.S. Post Office in town and demanded the federal government pay for replacing it. The General Services Administration responded with a letter pointing out the U.S. Congress hadn’t appropriated funds to pay for a new sidewalk, so no new sidewalk would be built. The Redwood Falls City Council then responded that since federal property was apparently not under the city’s jurisdiction, there was no reason why the city should continue to provide the post office building with electricity, sewer or water services.

• Mrs. Gene Sipe won the Redwood Falls Golf Club’s ladies day action.

25 years ago

August 1992

• A religious group known as The Brethren, based in Vesta, petitioned the Wabasso School Board for permission to start a K-6 school in the old Vesta school building.

• Iris Wolf, visiting Redwood Falls with her family from Dillingen, Germany, entertained Crazy Days shoppers in downtown Redwood by playing her hurdy-gurdy, a stringed instrument dating from the Middle Ages.

• A Redwood Falls team – consisting of Jeanne Schneider, Polly Bowen, Deb Suedbeck, Mary Bishop, Lois Walling, Kaye Norman, Ann Shaw and Fran Hassinger – won the Marshall Golf Club’s Gold Cup, defeating the home team by one point, 740-741.

• The county probation office was budgeted $2,500 for the year of 1992 to pay for juvenile detention services and was already $1,100 over budget by the end of July due to dramatically larger than expected numbers of juvenile arrests.

• The Big Buddies announced an organizational meeting to see if there was any interest in Redwood Falls about starting a program here.

10 years ago

August 2007

• On a Tuesday morning, the Redwood County board unveiled plans for its proposed upcoming $21-plus million Redwood County Justice Center, to include a new sheriff’s office, Redwood Falls Police Department space, dispatch office and 80-bed county jail.

• On Tuesday evening, the Redwood Falls City Council opted to end its involvement with the proposed new $21-plus million Redwood County Justice Center, pointing out that when the city had agreed to participate, the thing was only supposed to cost $17 million. The city council agreed to instead put its resources into replacing the 50-plus year old public swimming pool with a new family aquatic center.

• Deb Suedbeck of Redwood Falls won the women’s invitational held at the Redwood Falls Golf Club.