50 years ago
January 1967
• The managers of the Redwood Falls federal building – the current post office – asked youngsters to quit taking shortcuts through the low shrubbery around the flag pole and the corner of the lawn.
• It was announced that construction would begin Feb. 1 on a new, $400,000 building for Control Data in the Redwood Falls industrial park – the current building now home to Daktronics.
• When Redwood Falls sixth grader Lynn Quesenbery, 12, lost her purse on a family trip to Lake Superior, the Michigan State Highway Department was able to return it to her based on savvy detective work on several photos in the purse, including a photo of her brother, Stephen, wearing a Navy uniform.
• Former country school teacher Maud Slaymaker, 83, was chosen as Redwood County’s outstanding senior citizen for 1967 for all her volunteer work.
• The Minnesota Inventors Congress committee decided to sponsor a new event for the 10th annual event set for next summer – a fly-in breakfast to be held at the Redwood Falls airport.

25 years ago
January 1992
• The city council announced the hiring of Terrill Hutson, of the Bloomington police department, as Redwood’s new police chief.
• After several deer got into a fight at the Ramsey Park zoo, veterinarian Bryan Nelson had to go into the deer pen to patch up the injured deer.
• Patrons at the Redwood Falls public library checked out a record 97,489 items in 1991, leading the librarians to set 100,000 items as the goal for 1992.
• Students in the ag structures class at RVHS got on the job training as they built new tables for the new Morton motel.
• Because her eyesight was failing, the Redwood Gazette bought long-time proofreader Lorna Simondet a video magnifier that let her check over inch-and-a-half wide newspaper columns on a 20-inch wide TV screen instead of with a magnifying glass.

10 years ago
January 2007
• The Redwood County commissioners voted to approve a recommendation to build the new county jail on a site west of Redwood Falls, across the river.
• The county commissioners also voted to look into ways to make Redwood County completely energy independent based on new renewable technologies.
• Cedar Mountain High School held a ceremony retiring the football and basketball jerseys worn by former student Brent Koch, who was killed in Iraq by an improvised explosive device the previous year.

Photo: Three men marked three of the corners of the upcoming Control Data manufacturing plant in Redwood Falls in this photo that originally appeared in the Jan. 24, 1967 Redwood Gazette.