’s time for New Year’s resolutions.


Time to reflect on the year behind us and imagine a better year in front of us.


I’ve never been a big one on resolutions, but I think it is natural to ponder them this time of year.


According to some data I found on here are some interesting facts about New Year’s resolutions:


1.     45% of American make New Year’s resolutions.

2.     Only 8% of people who make resolutions achieve them.

3.     39% of people in their 20’s who make resolutions achieve.

4.     64% of people keep their resolutions for at least one month.

5.     46% of people keep their resolutions for at least six months.

6.     You are 10x more likely to achieve your goals IF YOU DO make a New Year’s resolution.


What does all this data mean?


I means, most people don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, and very few people actually achieve their goals, especially as you get older.


But, even looking at the slim statistics of achieving your 2017 goals, you are more likely to meet those goals if you make them into a New Year’s resolution.


Because, change is hard.


So, this year I’m going to make some resolutions. I’m just not going to tell anyone what they are because studies also suggest that telling people you have a goal gives you the same satisfaction as achieving said goal, and thus it can be counter productive to announce to everyone your change intentions.


I hope you’ll join in my make secret New Year’s resolutions. Life is too short to stay stagnant and too hard to resist change.