Did you know that more people make purchases online than use online banking?     According to research from Nielsen, if you’re a retailer, chances are that nine in 10 (89%) of your consumers purchased a product online last year.     Many smaller retailers are reluctant to set an online shop. It requires a learning curve, a separate online inventory, and time. It seems easier to bemoan consumers for “not shopping local.”     However, here is the truth. Most of your customers are already shopping online, and they would probably purchase more from you if you set up an online shop.     It doesn’t have to be that hard, however, to venture into the online sales world. Recently, one of our sister papers set up a website for Jordana’s Resale Venue, a small vintage thrift store in Windom, MN.   ​​
  As a simple to solution to online sales, the owner set up a contact form, that would email her with sales requests. Presenting unique, one-of-a-kind vintage clothing has increased her sales tremendously; quickly, online sales are becoming her number source of sales.       Her sales aren’t just local either, there are sales coming in from all over the country.     Simply displaying some of your topline inventory and linking to a contact page can help expand your sales area from your backyard to anywhere your store is viewed online.     Plus, Jordana Resale Venue gets ongoing attention and customer service from her local Multi-Media Sales Rep, Teresa Newville.      If you're interested in letting us help you grow your sales with a Propel website (for only $129 a month) contact your local Gatehouse Media property.       Redwood Gazette -                           (507) 637-2929 Sleepy Eye Herald -                          (507) 794-3511 St. James Plaindealer -                     (507) 375-3161 Montevideo American News -            (320) 269-2156 Granite Falls Advocate Tribune -       (320) 564-2126   For more local marketing ideas, go to www.mnmarketingsolutions.com