See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1965 — 50 years ago

• Stanley Kindler or rural Redwood Falls found a rattlesnake north of Belview, just one of several area residents who reported seeing rattlesnakes.

• By coincidence, it was at a city council meeting to celebrate Fire Prevention Week that the police reported youngsters had repeatedly been found smoking while hiding in railroad boxcars where corn cobs were loaded.

• Someone by the Redwood Falls dump grounds south of the city shot 16 holes in the home of the caretaker.

• Quesenberry’s Appliance remodeled its balcony, staircase, and upper floor to resemble a home living room to better display its new TV sets.

• A sudden gust of 45 mph wind caught the heavy glass door in front of the post office, shattering it.


1990 — 25 years ago

• For the first time in several decades, a bonfire was added to Homecoming Week at Redwood Falls High School.

• Aaron Frank and Amy Larson were crowned the homecoming king and queen for 1990.

• Two Arkansas filmmakers showed up in Redwood Falls to do an hour-long documentary about the Pink Cadillac youth center for the National Christian Network.

• After multiple Sclerosis patient Rodney Burgemeister received a motorized cart as a donation from the Catholic Society of Foresters, there was enough funding left over for him to buy an adjustable bed, too.

• RFHS graduate Joanne Jorgenson Griffiths received the 1990 Zonta Woman of Achievement Award from the Armidale, Australia, Eisteddfod Society, for her efforts in promoting Welsh music.

• Redwood Falls-Morton High School and Reede Gray Elementary School decided to experiment with having the same breakfast and lunch menus every day to cut costs of having separate menus.

• When the stop lights at the downtown intersection of S. Washington and E. 2nd Street wouldn’t stop blinking red for two solid weeks, the city discussed the possibility of just replacing them with stop signs and being done with it.


2005 — 10 years ago

• The Redwood County Board and the Lower Sioux Tribal Council met to address any hard feelings and clear the air over the county’s decision to not turn over the Lower Sioux Agency Historic Site to the community.

• Fourteen Redwood Falls soldiers were deployed to Iraq as part of the 682nd National Guard Engineering Unit.

• Based on what a majority of visitors said to Gazette staff, most people weren’t aware the Redwood Gazette wasn’t printed in the building’s basement any more.