See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1965—50 years ago

• “I had to call another fire department, and it just about killed me,” said Redwood Falls assistant fire chief Pat Byram when he had to contact the Morton fire department after spotting a burning truck on Highway 19 west of Morton.

• When Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. decided to close its Redwood Falls engineering department, four engineers were transferred to Rochester or Minneapolis.

• The proposed Redwood County Bookmobile’s maiden voyage, to allow county communities to inspect it, was postponed when the biggest blizzard of the season hit on the same day.

• An area Gazette reader wrote to the newspaper to complain about wasting tax dollars on a bookmobile when people would be better off turning away from worldly matters and just reading the Bible instead.

• Because the blizzard stalled all traffic, dairy farmer Harold Timgren walked the nine miles from Redwood Falls to his farm between Redwood Falls and Wabasso to make sure his 16 cows got milked.

• The blizzard around Redwood Falls was so bad it was mentioned on a Detroit, Michigan TV station’s weather report.

• Mattel’s Barbie doll, regularly $2.97, was marked down to $1.77 at Woolworth’s for the St. Patrick’s Day sale.

• More evidence the Baby Boom was over: half as many births in Redwood County in 1964 as there were in 1957.


1990—25 years ago

• The Redwood Falls - Morton school board announced they were considering adding Spanish as a third language option in addition to German and French when 40 students indicated an interest in taking Spanish.

However, the school board backpedaled when 15 of those students added they would drop out of German or French to take Spanish, putting those other two language classes at risk.

• A model of the proposed new Redwood Valley High School building was displayed at area banks for the public to inspect.

• When the extension office and the fair board wanted to move the 4-H exhibits to a new building to improve traffic flow during the county fair, the 4-H federation held an election to decide whether or not to withdraw 4-H participation from the fair for 1990.

The area 4-H clubs voted 54-51 to keep 4-H at the county fair rather than create a separate 4-H achievement day.

• The Redwood TV Improvement Corp. announced it would start scrambling its signals if more people didn’t start paying the $20 annual fee for the improved TV images.

• The Military Order of the Cooties, Pup Tent #39, presented the Redwood Falls Hospital with a donation of $750 to pay to remodel one of the patient rooms.


2005—10 years ago

• Marine Corps Cpl. Ben Siegfried was awarded a Joint Service Achievement medal for exceptional service as a driver for U.S. troops in Baghdad, Iraq.

• Melissa Jakes, 11, on a mission to raise funds for building a new animal shelter, collected $715 in donations going door-to-door in town.

• The Redwood Falls Pee Wee “B” hockey team too fourth in the state tournament after a surprise win over a powerhouse team from Blaine.

• Former Charlie’s Angels actress Jacqueline Smith, now a furniture designer, met with staff of A&W Furniture in Redwood Falls to discuss her new line.

• The state announced it was looking into increasing the speed limit to 60 mph on certain parts of Highway 19/71 near Redwood.