The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition hits newsstands today, Feb.9.

While we fully support 24-year-old Hannah Davis as cover girl, there's no denying it's possibly the magazine's most scandalous cover yet.

The dangerously low-slung bikini bottoms featured on the cover have many outraged.

Jennifer O'Neill wrote a piece for Yahoo! Parenting calling the cover "a bit of a nightmare."

A Washington Post article asked if the cover goes "too low" with Davis’ bikini bottom and received many comments like: "Horrible message for young girls" and "They should change the name to Sports Illustrated Playboy edition."

In an UsWeekly poll, 68% of readers thought the cover image resembled porn, while 38% found it "so hot!"

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is asking retailers to remove the magazine from public display, particularly the checkout line, and be wrapped like any other pornographic magazine.

But Sports Illustrated is defending its cover.

"After 50 years of swimsuit, what everyone knows is that one person's risqué is another's sexy," a rep for the magazine told ABC News.

Model Hannah Davis, too, is proud of her cover.

On a "Today Show" appearance Monday morning, Davis told Matt Lauer: "I think SI always tries to do something a little different every year, and I think this year, it's the year of the torso." 

After the morning show used a ribbon graphic to cover the bottom portion of the issue's cover, Davis told Lauer: "I think you're making it look a lot naughtier than it really is, to be honest."

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