Samsung is preparing to release its next Galaxy smartphone within the next several weeks, and over the past few months we've heard endless rumors about what to expect. 

But the latest leak, which comes from BGR, suggests the phone's standout features will be its redesigned body, faster processor, and sharper screen.

The S6 will also reportedly come with a fast charging feature that will get you four hours of usage after only charging the phone for 10 minutes. 

According to the site, which has a mixed track record with leaks but completely nailed the Amazon Fire Phone long before it launched, the Galaxy S6 will run on a 64-bit processor like the iPhone 6 that's 50% faster than its predecessor.

This follows a Bloomberg report that indicated Samsung would ditch Qualcomm and use its own house-made chips for future phones.

The screen will remain at 5.1 inches, but it sounds like Samsung is boosting its resolution. The Galaxy S6's screen will supposedly cram 577 pixels in each inch of the phone's screen, while the Galaxy S5's 1080p screen fits 432 pixels per inch. This would line up with previous rumors that suggested Samsung would use a 2560 x 1440 resolution screen for the Galaxy S6 as opposed to a 1080p display.

We've been hearing for months that Samsung has been planning to design its Galaxy S6 "from scratch," but we still have no idea what that really means. BGR's report, however, insists the S6 will be made of glass and metal, allowing for a more premium design similar to phones like the iPhone or the HTC One.

Samsung has already started incorporating metal into some of its phones like the Galaxy Alpha, but it's hard to believe that we'll see glass appear on the S6. Samsung has been reluctant to sacrifice the removeable back on its phones, which allow you to swap out back covers and batteries, so it's hard to imagine exactly where glass would fit into the design other than on its screen.

The S6 will reportedly have built-in wireless charging and a 2550mAh battery, which is larger than that of the iPhone 6, but a bit smaller than the HTC One's. Samsung's own NFC mobile payments system, which we've heard about in the past, is also expected to debut on the phone. Expect to see the standard 32, 64, and 128GB storage options too. 

If BGR's information is accurate, it seems like the S6 could be one of Samsung's best smartphones yet. When the Galaxy S4 launched in 2013, many criticized it for its cheap plastic design and gimmicky features, such as gesture detection and eye tracking. Samsung toned this down with the S5, focusing less on flashy features and keeping its phone more simple and basic. Now, it sounds like Samsung is taking that a step further with the S6 by improving the phone's design. 

We're expecting to learn about the Galaxy S6 at this year's Mobile World Congress in March.

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