See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1964—50 years ago • The Treasury Department released the first 26 million half-dollar coins bearing the likeness of the lately assassinated President John Kennedy, but demand was so high Redwood residents had to travel to the Twin Cities to find any for purchase. • Sgt. John Holz, a soldier who served in Kennedy’s funeral honor guard, visited his uncle in Redwood Falls, Karl. Holz. • Antique automobile clubs based in Tracy and Hutchinson announced they would schedule their summer shows in Redwood Falls to help celebrate the town’s 100th anniversary. • The first day of spring was celebrated with a blizzard. • Redwood area women’s clubs together voted on a plan to create a bookmobile in Redwood County. 1989—25 years ago • After two years of study, the Minnesota Department of Transportation declared Redwood Falls a “significant center” because the town falls on the intersection of Highways 19 and 71, and Highway 67. • Redwood district school announced the cafeterias would continue to serve apples since none of the suppliers used apples that had been treated with alar, a chemical used to enhance the fruits’ color and crispiness. • Reede Gray Elementary School third grade made 1,000 folded-paper cranes to send to the Japanese city of Hiroshima in memory of the Japanese citizens who died in the atomic bomb dropped there at the end of World War II. • Area Boy Scouts collected over a ton and a half of food for the local food shelf. • The Cardinal girls basketball team of 1979 reminisced about their trip to the state tournament 10 years earlier. 2004—10 years ago • Redwood Falls Senior Dining celebrated its 30th anniversary. • Professional farrier (horse shoe maker) Richard Gurska how he made and shod horses at the Gilfillan estate. • With the Junior Gold hockey team set to merge with the Redwood area school district’s teams, the hockey association was considering the possibility of starting girls and junior varsity teams. • A group of retired area teachers that meet once a month totaled up the number of years they had all been friends with each other: it came to over 500 years. • At a public meeting to debate the future of the Lower Sioux Agency Historic Site, officials from the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS) stated it didn’t have enough funding to keep the site open at the location where the U.S. / Dakota conflict of 1862 actually occurred. When Redwood area residents pointed out the MHS was planning a Twin Cities-based million dollar exhibit about the Morton-based conflict, society officials explained that Morton is just too far for most Twin Cities residents to drive to.