In every graduating class are students whose names the public recognizes and who receive the attention because they are in the limelight; then there are are the seniors behind the scenes....

Within every graduating class are those students who rise to the top – whose names the public recognizes and who receive the attention because they are in the limelight.
Although in many ways they become the face of their class, those faces do not represent all that makes up any group of students, because for every one student whose face is seen there are dozens of others who stand in the shadows.
They are the linemen, not the quarterback on the football field. They are the background singer, not the soloist in the choir. They are the seniors behind the scenes.
To help bring those faces out from behind the curtain, eight members of the RVHS Class of 2013 are being recognized. While not a comprehensive list, they represent those whose tasks are not as well documented but nonetheless help to define their class. Meet these students, perhaps, for the first time.

Maranda Cable
Maranda Cable is the daughter of Robbin Mahoney.
As a student she has been involved in the One-Act play, band, pep band, the musical pit band, BPA, speech and FFA.
“I enjoyed speech the most,” said Cable. “It may not be fun getting up early, but I enjoy the thrill that speech gives me. I love my category, drama. I’ve made tons of friends and couldn’t have asked for anything more.”
Cable said during her time in school she looked up to teachers Jeremy Daberkow and Janet DePuy.
“(Mr.) Daberkow is the reason why I decided to become a 2012-13 FFA officer in the first place. He pushed me to do my best with the simple phrase ‘participate don’t anticipate,’” said Cable. “(Mrs.) DePuy has been my speech coach for three years, and she has been amazing.”
Cable is planning to attend the U of M at Crookston to study in the pre-vet program.

Margaret Estum
Margaret Estum is the daughter of Bart Estum and Julie Wohlman.
As a student, Estum has been involved in the three-act play, the school musicals, band, choir, the One-Act plays, speech, SADD, BPA and pep band.
“I enjoyed being in speech the most,” said Estum. “It was my favorite, because I got to write my own speech. I also had a lot of fun going to competitions and meeting new people.”
In her spare time, Estum also helps at the animal shelter and at her church.
“I have learned that it feels good to help, and everyone needs it once in a while,” said Estum.
Estum said Whitney Hegg has been a big influence on her, as she has helped her become a better ac-tress and writer.
“She is always there to help and is an up-beat person,” said Estum, adding she also appreciated Bob Kaupang and her history and government classes with him
“I plan on attending Ridgewater College in Willmar,” said Estum.
After completing her general courses, she is going to decide whether she wants to become a veterinary technician or a full vet.

Ashley Kerkhoff
Ashley Kerkhoff is the daughter of Jarrod and Danielle Elmer.
During her time at RVHS, Kerkhoff has been involved in danceteam, gymnastics, band, pep band and golf.
“Danceteam helped me expand my dance skills and let me do what I love,” said Ker-khoff. “We also had teams each year that were very much like a family and shared many laughs.”
Kerkhoff said when it comes to being in-volved and part of a team you are all a family and need to help each other and stick up for one another.
Kerkhoff said Ram-ona Larson has been a big influence on her, as she encouraged her to be a leader and to push herself.
“She always helped and understood me when I was going through a difficult time,” said Kerkhoff.
Kerkhoff is planning to attend the Mankato campus of Minnesota State University to study dance education and performance.

Courtney Siegfried
Courtney Siegfried is the daughter of Rick and Denise Siegfried.
Band, cross country, track, soccer, basketball, NHS, BPA and publications are the activities she has been involved in at RVHS.
“I enjoyed basketball the most, because I’ve been in it my whole life and have made a lot of friends by being in it,” said Siegfried.
While taking part in extra-curricular activities, Siegfried said she has learned the value of being able to manage your time.
Siegfried said she has been significantly influenced by Connie Lunde who was her basketball coach and her teacher.
“She was always there when I needed help with anything from school to sports or outside of school things,” said Siegfried.
Siegfried is planning to attend St. Cloud State University but has not decided what major she is planning to pursue.

Brenan Hindermann
Brenan Hindermann is the son of Steve and Shelly Hindermann.
As a student, Hin-dermann has been involved in school plays and served as emcee for pep fests.
“I liked emceeing the most,” he said. “It was a lot of fun to make people laugh.”
Hindermann said he has learned in life whatever you do you never stop learning and growing.
He said he was influenced by Tony Miller.

“Mr. Miller really helped me realize my full potential and helped me set my goals,” said Hindermann.
In the fall, Hindermann plans to attend Ridgewater College in Hutchinson to study multi-media design technology.

Jordan Schmidt
Jordan Schmidt is the son of Dale and Debra Schmidt.
As a student at RVHS, Schmidt has been involved in golf and publications.
Schmidt said he enjoyed golf most, because it is a fun sport to play, adding it is the sport he likes to play most.
“The most important thing I have learned is to work hard and be determined to do your best,” said Schmidt.
Schmidt said Aaron Ferrier has been a big influence on him, as he has encouraged him to always push himself to be the best and never to give up.
Schmidt is planning to attend St. Cloud State Univ-ersity to study journalism.

Dion Sgro
Dion Sgro is the son of Craig and Wendy Ahrens.
During his time at Red-wood Valley High School, Sgro has been involved in activities including football, baseball and hockey.
Sgro said he has enjoyed football most.
“I’ve pretty much played with the same team since seventh grade,” he said, “and I’ve met my best friends through athletics.”
One of the most influential teachers Sgro has had was Jan Ellingworth.
“If it wasn’t for her I still might be in 11th grade English,” said Sgro.
Sgro said he plans to attend Ridgewater College but has not yet decided what major he plans to pursue.

Kenny Barber
Kenny Barber is the son of Brenda and Jerry Barber.
As a student, Barber has been involved in football.
Barber said playing football has given him a great chance to learn about a sport that is very demanding and physical.
Outside of school, Barber is actively involved in the Boy Scouts.
“The most important lesson I have learned is that when the tough gets tough the tough get going,” he said.
Barber said he has been most significantly influenced by Matt Lundeen.
“Even in the bad times I have had he was always the person I could go and talk to,” said Barber.
Barber plans to attend Ridgewater College to study auto body. His goal is to one day open his own shop with the hopes of eventually owning a shop for racing.
These seniors and the rest of their class are scheduled to take part in a graduation ceremony this Sunday starting at 1 p.m. in the RVMS/HS gym.