See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• Three area grocery stores were hit with a scam in which someone bought several bags of groceries, wrote a check for too much to pay for them, pocketed the change, then dumped the groceries in ditches outside town.
• Area residents grumbled about the unseasonably cold weather, with temps at 25 degrees on April 17, ice forming in everyone’s birdbaths, and a blizzard expected in the next day or so.
• Bids were accepted for the courthouse reconstruction project, which would include razing the tower and remodeling the west entrance.
• To cut down on juvenile delinquency, the chamber of commerce sponsored a meeting of area civic groups to look into creating a youth center, pattered on an ice cream parlor, that would include a snack bar, juke box, and ping-pong tables.
• Nearly 50 volunteers showed up to help the Redwood Falls Golf Club with its annual spring clean up, not hindered by the fact a brush fire created a pall of smoke across the valley.

1988—25 years ago
• The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced preliminary plans to upgrade Highway 19/71 between Redwood Falls and Morton, which would include replacing the old steel-truss bridges across the Minnesota River.
• James and Jennifer Olson, owners of the Redwood Falls McDonald’s restaurant, traveled to Dale City, Virginia, to help celebrate the opening of the 10,000th McDonald’s.
• A local school bus driver was informed that state regulations would require him to give up his job if he succeeded in getting elected to the school board.
• Because of the recent warm weather, farmers were able to get out into the fields and start planting early.
• Twin Cities photographer Sue Kyllonen  shot 150 rolls of film documenting farm life near Redwood Falls as part of “Minnesota Farm Family Album” show she hoped to put on display nationally in 1990.

2003—10 years ago
• Law enforcement officers from across the state gathered at the Redwood Falls airport to practice their high speed driving skills on the runway, dodging orange cones at up to 100 mph.
• An unoccupied pickup truck rolled into the granite walls of the Y-intersection park, taking out a whole section of the wall and the wrought iron fence.
• As part of a study, DNR staffers waded into the Ramsey and Redwood Rivers and sent mild electric shocks into the water to make stunned fish float to the surface, the easier to study them.
• During the senior service day in the park, RVHS students found dead gophers, a lawnmower wheel, a dead muskrat, and a hairpiece.
• In an interview before his show at Jackpot Junction, country music legend Merle Haggard gave Gazette readers a world exclusive: thanks to a low carb diet, he was back to wearing pants with a 34 inch waist, the same size he wore when he was 30 years old.