Spring is clearly the time that people begin cleaning things out; closets. basements, garages.  I would like to challenge the readers to look inward.  Are there things in your life that you need to clean out as well?  Relationships that need to be reconciled or removed from your life?  Habits that need to be done away with?  Or habits that need to be started?  

While you are at it, take the time to think about what interests you and plug into those!  Two years ago I sat at my diningroom window wishing winter would end (and it was January) when before me flew a bright red cardinal.  That beautiful bird perched itself on my neighbors bush and stared back at me.  At that moment I decided that birdwatching would be a fun activity to get me through winter.  I quickly went to work setting up a flowerpot tray on my front porch railing and filled it to the brim with birdfood.  Within the hour I had ten or so birds of all arrays eating away at it!  My mood was lightened almost instantly, the birds brought me such joy!  Two years later we are redoing our landscaping to accomodate our ever growing interest in birding!

You never know what can come into your life as a healthy dose of spice.