See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1963—50 years ago
• After an exhaustive  search by the Army Corps of Engineers, only four sites in Redwood Falls were declared secure enough to be declared official fallout shelters — one in the Redwood Motor Company (currently Fieldstone Vineyards), and three in the old high school.
• The Church of the Nazarene held a mortgage burning ceremony after making the last payment of its 10 year’s worth of payments on its building.
• Many Redwood Falls businesses celebrated George Washington’s birthday on Feb. 22 by offering items at 22 cents, including cook books, wall paneling per square foot, girdles, rugs, hats, billfolds, and swim trunks.
• Nationally known wildlife painter Les Kouba was a guest at the annual Redwood Falls Sportsman’s Club meeting held at the American Legion hall.
As a fundraiser, Kouba agreed to auction off a painting he would paint during the meeting itself.
• Two local milk distributors announced their cartons would now be coated with plastic instead of wax, and would have non-stapled carton tops.

1988—25 years ago
• Fifty-two people passing through town were housed in the National Guard Armory overnight when the highways were closed due to a blizzard.
The National Guard supplied 50 cots and blankets, and provided coffee for everyone all night.
• “Duck Hunt”, “Excitebike”, “Punch Out”, and “Top Gun” were among new the Nintendo games available for two-day rental from the Falls Theatre.
• The Gazette offered a correction on a recipe printed in the previous issue.
It seems Cora Knapp’s Soft Oatmeal Cookie recipe, as printed, neglected to mention you needed to include oatmeal.
• Natalie Hauschild, Redwood County’s only — and apparently first — attorney, said most of her clients were female when she moved to Redwood Falls seven years earlier. but that the ratio of male to female clients was now about 50/50.
• RFHS grad Mark Thrailkill was admitted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education Master’s Program of Reading / Language Learning Disabilities.

2003—10 years ago
• When asked how life would be different in the future, Kari Penske of Vesta responded computer mouses would be obsolete because “You’ll be able to just touch the screen.”
Phillip Remmele of Echo predicted, “People will all be dumb because computers will do all their thinking for them.”
• Nathan Cornelius, a home-schooled fifth grader from Marshall, beat out 24 others to win the regional middle school spelling bee held in the Redwood Area Community Center.
• A new electronic sorting machine sorted 90 percent of the mail that passed through the Redwood Falls post office — about 38,000 pieces of mail per hour.
• The state government came up with a scheme to balance its budget, which would cost the city of Redwood Falls nearly $600,000 in funding.
• Redwood Falls native Jeff Vance of Spicer’s business, Logical Cabinetry Systems, was featured on the TBS show “Movie and a Makeover.”