See what was happening in Redwood Falls 50, 25, and 10 years ago this week.

1962—50 years ago
• A new town record was set when over 1,600 students — including 137 at the Redwood School of the Precious Blood — started on the first day of the school year.
• In related news, the above figure included 37 students no one expected. With school starting a week earlier than in previous years, a number of families had forgotten to register their kids in time.
• The Redwood Falls school district announced prices for lunches for the year: elementary school lunches would cost $1 per week, or 25 cents a meal, while high school lunches would cost $1.25 a week, or 30 cents per meal.
• Bill Preusse and Rex Galles of the city beautification committee asked for volunteers to meet at the Mill St. “Y” intersection with saws, pruning shears, rakes, sickles, and a power mower or two to cut and trim state and city property.
• To get better quality photos, the Redwood Gazette installed a Photo-Lathe Automated Engraver, “a simplified lathe to which has been added high-fidelity phonograph amplifiers and optical scanning and cutting heads” on a hard cellulose acetate material.

1987—25 years ago
• School lunch tickets went on sale, costing $9 for 10 meals.
• Bishops from the American Lutheran Church and The Catholic Diocese of New Ulm met at the Jefferson Mall to discuss a new outreach program to help farmers in financial difficulty.
• An informational meeting was set for area snowmobilers and landowners to see if there was any interest in developing snowmobile trails across Redwood County.
• For a limited time, Minnesota Valley Bank had uncut sheets of $2 bills available for purchase for only $14.50 apiece.
• Mavis (Reynold) Tuttle, former Redwood Falls resident living in Minneapolis, was named to the Women’s Bowling Association Hall of Fame.
Ranked 12th in the nation, Tuttle had recorded four 700 series, and as least 12 games between 278 and 298 during her career.

2002—10 years ago
• Jackpot Junction Casino’s amphitheatre had its largest audience yet when more than 5,700 people turned out to see the group Alabama perform.
• Six Redwood Falls high school senior Girl Scouts headed up to the Idaho mountains for a week of hiking and camping before school started.
• When the senior center held its annual end of summer dance, Nook Brewster observed, “...I have a handicap, and all the handicapped parking spots were taken when I got here. But just look at them (dancing) out there!”
• According to bait salesman Wayne Becker, fishing was way down in the Redwood Valley that summer because of fears of West Nile virus.
• In related news, the biggest fish Becker knew about caught in Redwood Falls so far that summer was a 44 pound catfish caught by Charles “Bud” Sheer on June 2.