The Redwood Area Hospital asks visitors to keep in mind the following rules to prevent spreading the H1N1 flu.


The Redwood Area Hospital is reminding people with flu-like symptoms not to visit patients in its facility. This includes people with recent exposure to persons with flu-like symptoms The hospital does not want to expose its vulnerable populations to this flu.  

The hospital has placed additional restrictions on those who want to visit the hospital Birthing Center.  

New restrictions include:

• Visitors must check in at the OB desk and be screened for flu-like symptoms.

• Sibling visitors must be five or older. (Exceptions by nurse on a case-by-case basis.)

• Non-sibling visitors must be 16 or older.

• A maximum of three visitors is allowed per patient at a time. 

 If you have any questions related to flu symptoms, call the Minnesota Flu Line at 1-866-259-4655.