You may recall some months ago, when Barry (or was it Elliot), donned a Red Sox jersey and taped a commercial announcing that Jordan’s Furniture would be giving furniture away if the Red Sox won the World Series.

The regular season is nearly over. And the Red Sox are, as they have been most of the season, are in front in the AL East. And they have clinched a playoff berth.

I have no doubt in my mind the Sox will win a second World Series in three years. And while it will be nice to see that trophy make its triumphant return to Boston, where the gleeful throngs of Red Sox nation can gaze upon the golden prize, I won’t have a stick of free furniture to show for it.

You may recall some months ago, when Barry (or was it Elliot), donned a Red Sox jersey and taped a commercial announcing that Jordan’s Furniture — with stores located in Avon, Natick and Reading — would be giving furniture away if the home team won the World Series. For this promotion, customers could until April 15, select and bring home a new bedroom set, dining room table and chairs, entertainment center, a sofa and loveseat combination — and not pay a dime for it if the Sox win this year’s World Series.  

I must say Elliot, (or was it Barry) caught my attention with this campaign and I filled my husband in about it at once. Just two months prior to this promotion, we had signed the purchase and sale agreement for the new home we were building in Plymouth. With the size of the mortgage payment looming in our future, free sounded like the right price to me.

I have a good deal of furniture already. Perhaps you have heard about my growing collection of sofa beds? But my husband could use a new dresser, and I’m sure if I shopped around I could have come up with a fabulous living room collection with a matching sofa and loveseat, perhaps even one of those clever storage ottomans.

“We really can’t afford to buy any new furniture,” my husband cautioned after I mentioned it a 12th time to him.

“How can we afford not to take advantage of this opportunity,” I asked.  

“Don’t you believe in your team?  Don’t you want a new micro fiber sectional?”

We didn’t make it in to Jordan’s furniture before the promotion ended.   We were actually driving to South Carolina to visit my in-laws at the time, but I recall saying to my husband as we made our way down the east coast toward the Deep South; “If the Sox win it all, you’re in big trouble, mister!”

It was only April. 

Brimming with the cautious optimism they carry with them into every new baseball season, the members of Red Sox nation, including my husband weren’t making World Series predictions at that point. They were busy surveying the new talented pitching staff; they were assessing the power hitters and looking over the batting lineup. They were keeping a close eye on the early season struggles of the archrival Yankees and waiting for New York competition to make a run and close the gap, or narrow the lead. 

But I knew then. Without following the records or quoting team statistics on RBIs, stolen bases and ERAs, I knew at that point, just as certainly as I know now, that if I didn’t take advantage of this unprecedented free furniture deal, the Sox would surely win the World Series. 

So when it happens, I won’t be surprised. 

I’ll be happy for the Red Sox and all of their devoted fans all over the country. But as I take in the World Series celebrations from the new couch in our living room, the one I recently purchased and will be paying off through the next baseball season, I’ll also be filled with regret – buyer’s regret.

Go Sox.

Alice Coyle is the managing editor of Community Newspaper Company’s Raynham office. She can be reached at