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Special weekend offering: High school hazings ... for publication Sunday and after.
Sources indicate high school hazings are wide spread, but well-kept secrets in many towns. Springfield State Journal-Register and Rockford Register Star reporters join efforts to bring more awareness on the topic. Good one to localize by asking readers if they’ve ever been the subject of a hazing? Look for main bar and side bar on the Web site under category: Illinois.

MAIN BAR – Hazings prevalent, but policies and appropriate punishments vague. RUSHTON/SPRINGFIELD/Category: Illinois/posting Friday
SIDE BAR : Secondary piece focusing on Rockford-area incident. TROPP/ROCKFORD/Illinois/posting Friday


MUSEUM DEBATE: CHICAGO – Mayor Richard Daley versus a local alderman. Wealthy civic leaders versus high-rise residents. And now, park advocates versus … park advocates? The multi-faceted debate over a proposed children’s museum for Grant Park has become a little more complicated, thanks to the divergent views of Friends of the Parks and the Grant Park Conservancy. RAMSEY/CHICAGO BUREAU/this evening/Illinois

FIVE THINGS TO KNOW: Chicago is all about da science. RAMSEY/CHICAGO BUREAU/this afternoon/Illinois

CUB FANS HANGING ON: CHICAGO – What a difference a few days can make. On Monday, thousands of Cubs fans thronged Daley Plaza during a jubilant rally for the Central Division National League champs as the team prepared to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks. On Friday afternoon – after the Cubs trailed 0-2 in the five-game series – there was nary a blue hat in sight. ... But other fans have expressed caution as the 2007 postseason unfolds, with a nod to periodic disasters that have befallen the North Side ball club. RAMSEY/CHICAGO BUREAU/Illinois News

MENTAL HEALTH LAW: Little-heralded legislation signed into law last month makes it easier for family members to commit a loved one to a mental hospital and is "of paramount importance" in mental health circles, one of its sponsors says.Rep. David Leitch, R-Peoria, who sponsored Senate Bill 234 in the Illinois House, says it will ease the way for commitments of people who have deteriorated to where they can't recognize their mental illness or become a threat to harm themselves or others. HEUPEL/STATE CAPITOL BUREAU/Illinois

CAPITOL FEATURE: GAMBLING EXPANSION SUPPORT?: House Republicans are supposed to be ready to embrace gambling expansion as a way of paying for state construction projects. Maybe. Several downstate House Republicans said last week they could support expanded gambling, if reluctantly, to pay for badly needed capital projects.  But, they said, it has to be the right gambling expansion and the bill that passed out of the Senate two weeks ago isn't the right one. FINKE/CAPITOL BUREAU/this afternoon/Illinois

PEORIA HOUSING AUTHORITY IN TROUBLE –  For the first time in 13 years, the U.S. Inspector General's Office decided to inspect homes rented through Section 8 vouchers in Peoria distributed by the PHA. They took a sample of 59 of the 1,500 Section 8 homes the PHA said passed inspections and found ALL 59 of them failed the inspections. PHA was fined $170,000 and now revamping its inspection program to avoid future problems. Two landlords opted out of the program because they said to make the necessary repairs would be too costly. MCDONALD/PEORIA/Illinois

LAHOOD ANNOUNCES – Darin LaHood will officially announce his candidacy for Peoria County State's Attorney this afternoon, which will be an interesting race and the first time Lyons really has had a formidable opponent in 20 years. LaHood says people don't feel safe in Peoria and are looking for change. He will foster better cooperation with law enforcement and neighborhood groups and says if something isn't done soon, Peoria isn't going to attract anyone and become a ghost town. MCDONALD/PEORIA/Illinois

PEORIA-TO-DENVER – The inaugural flight left the tarmac today full. Will write something short about the returned daily service. HANEY/PEORIA/Illinois News

BABY DEATH – Bloomington police are investigating the death of 20-month-old Aaron O'Brien-Ishmael of Bloomington, son of Lena Ishmael and Richard Ishmael Jr., who died at a Peoria hospital Tuesday from head injuries. DOUBET/PEORIA/Illinois News

BE SOMEONE ELSE FOR A DAY: Here, Ruldoph and the Easter Bunny are able to relax in the off season. Cinderella hasn’t lost her shoe, but Joseph has shed his Technicolor dreamcoat. Indeed, this costume shop could tell plenty of stories. FREEPORT/Illinois News/posted Thursday evening.





BEARS: Feature from practice/new conference. REED SCHRECK/ROCKFORD REGISTER STAR.
PHOTOS: File game art vs. Lions

ILL-Wisconsin preview: Coach Ron Zook attempts to keep Illinois focused as the Illini head into the game as a favorite against No. 5 Wisconsin. With a victory, the possibilities multiply. With preview capsule. SUPINIE/Illinois Sports and Big Ten
WHAT ABOUT ARTICLE VI?: Arizona senator and presidential wannabe John McCain was factually wrong when he told an online religious publication recently that 'the Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation.' EDITORIAL/PEORIA/Illinois Opinions

EXPLOITING 9-11: It's to be expected that presidential candidate and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani would give more than passing mention to the terrorist attacks that shook his city and the nation. But he and supporters have crossed the line between citing Sept. 11, 2001, as a defining personal moment and milking the tragedy for personal gain. EDITORIAL/PEORIA/Illinois Opinions

SILENCE LAW NOT NEEDED: The general assembly may not be able to figure out how to fund our schools, fix our roads or properly staff our prisons. But when it comes to forcing schoolchildren to shut their little yaps for a minute each morning, your state officials are on the job.

CHRIS BRITT: Toon commenting on the Illinois legislation requiring a moment of silence in public schools. Illinois Opinions.

CHRIS BRITT: Toon depicting President Bush's about vetoing children's health care while sitting in a pile of money earmarked for the war. Illinois Opinions.

CAPITOL NOTEBOOK: The week in review from the Capitol in 5 quick hits. CAPITOL BUREAU/SPRINGFIELD


ENOUGH!: Just when you think no more poison can possibly fit in the well, some honcho's wife gets fired. The wife of House Speaker Michael Madigan's chief of staff is losing her $101,000 state contract. EDITORIAL/SPRINGFIELD/Illinois Opinions

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MIKE NADEL: Diamondbacks at Cubs, NLDS Game 3. Column. NADEL and Illinois Sports
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MIKE NADEL: Diamondbacks at Cubs, NLDS Game 4. (If Game 4 is unnecessary, I will cover Bears at Packers.) Column. Nadel and Illinois Sports

ILLINOIS FOLLOW: A look back at the Illinois-Wisconsin game and a look ahead to the Illinois-Iowa game. SUPINIE/Illinois Sports and Big Ten


Wisconsin at Illinois, TBA. CRONIN (NOTEBOOK)