2 food critics weigh in on new rum.

267 Pineapple Rum Infusion

$19.99 at Fishers Foods ($23-27 online)

Spatula Up

Saimi Bergmann: Certain scents or flavors transport us back in time. My husband’s time machine to his college days is a Rum & Coke. I tried it once and winced at the sweet, medicinal taste. Since then, I’ve avoided rum.

Until now. This premium pineapple-infused rum has no sharp edges or aftertaste. It’s so smooth, you can drink it straight or over ice.

Try my concoction, perfect for sipping on the front porch when the temperatures top 90: Pour 1 jigger pineapple rum and 1/2 jigger peach schnapps over ice. Add orange juice to your own taste (I use about 1 cup) and stir.

One thing puzzles me -- how the heck did they get those unbroken pineapple slices into that beautiful bottle?

Spatula Up

Jennifer Mastroianni:  267’s Pineapple Rum Infusion isn’t just a chic bottle with a cool floating garnish. The spirit inside is excellent quality, perfectly sweetened with ripe fruit.

267 also carries Cranberry Vodka, Lemon Vodka, Olive & Pearl Onion Vodka, Orange Vodka, Mango Rum, Chili Pepper Tequila and Orange Tequila.

Don’t just take our word for how good it is:  267 Infusions was voted the Best New Wine and Spirit Product of 2006 by Beverage Industry Magazine.

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