50 years ago

March 1968

• The courthouse civil defense office and the school superintendent’s office both received special “hot line” telephones connecting them directly to the national civil defense department for use in case of a natural emergency or an atomic attack.

• A telegram from senators Eugene McCarthy and Walter Mondale announced the federal government would provide an $899,000 grant to help fund a 60-unit low-rent housing project in Redwood, now called “Lakeside Manor.”

• The Redwood Falls High School Letterman’s Club held a raffle to buy a closed-circuit television for the school.

• The Travelers Club announced that in the Easter Egg Hunt’s seventh year, there would be a new rule. No grown ups would be allowed on Memorial Field to help their kids find any of the 1,440 dyed eggs. Travelers Club members would be stationed at the corners of the different age groups’ sections to keep parents off.

• After 124 days of constant cover, the last ice on Lake Redwood disappeared March 29.

25 years ago

March 1993

• The Redwood Falls School District announced a new policy that not only banned all firearms from school grounds, but also firearm “look-a-likes.” The policy also banned knives with blades three inches or longer, clubs and explosives.

• The National Weather Service trained about 150 area volunteers in the SkyWarn system to keep the public alerted about tornadoes in the vicinity.

• The Redwood Area Hospital paid off its long-term debt from its remodeling project done 25 years earlier.

• The Redwood Falls Pizza Ranch won a sales award for having the fastest growth of any store in the past year in the company’s history.

• Stories that appeared in the April Fool’s edition of the Gazette included Elvis being spotted in Redwood Falls buying a double cheeseburger at Dari King, about former Vice-President Dan Quayle applying for the local school board and about how the Minnesota Department of Transportation planned to turn the Y-intersection into a Z-intersection. According to the article, the hill in Redwood Falls where Highways 19 and 71 split has been a U-intersection, a G-intersection and an O-intersection that you could get stuck on for days.

• In the previous 12 months, new local theater groups were created in Belview, Echo and Redwood Falls.

10 years ago

March 2008

• For the third year in a row, RVHS sent a team to the state Knowledge Bowl competition.

• The Lower Sioux Community opened a new facility, the Youth Emergency Services and Outreach Center, for kids in need of a place to get away, with no where else to go.

• The Redwood Falls City Council voted to approve a proposal from Redwood County for the police department to lease space in the Law Enforcement Center from the county rather than build a separate police station.