A few local faith community leaders recently gathered and talked about how the community could somehow be a blessing to the people in Florida and across the nation in light of the tragic violent deaths. As they talked it grew too apparent most any words could potentially cause more disparity than unity.

The blaming and shaming, “if onlys” and cries for politicians/schools/law enforcement/media/adults/kids inactions or actions have not proved to change the reality of another act of violence as the world watches and waits for the next mass shooting. Instead of just talking local clergy decided to do something –  praying.

As a result an event has been scheduled for March 2 from 3:45-4 p.m. in the First United Methodist Church parking lot. That afternoon some clergy folks from the Redwood Falls Ministerial Association will lead a candlelight prayer vigil.

According to Randy Koppen, First United Methodist Church of Redwood Falls, this is one way the churches can be in unity by standing and praying. The prayer will not last long, but Christians believe prayer has vast power and impact, added Koppen.

That Friday also happens to be the World Day of Prayer. Candles will be given to those who desire them.

All people of faith are welcomed to join together in prayer. This World Day of Prayer service is intended as an action of unity as the body of Christ lifting up prayers, especially in light of recent violent events. Everybody wants to “do something” in light of the recent violent tragedies from across the nation.

As Christians part of our “doing” is the power of prayer.

Koppen added, there are so many places where the nation is divided. Jesus’ prayer for the church is to be united.

Especially in the aftermath of how people have reacted to the numerous occasions of violence across the nation, the church can be the body of Christ through the expression of prayer. Prayers don’t have to ramble on.

They don’t even need to be spoken out loud.

Everyone is encouraged to consider joining with others from across the community for this prayer service.