This past summer, the community warning siren located in old North Redwood became disabled.

As a result, West Shore Services, Inc. was hired to inspect and repair the siren at that location.

According to Jason Cotner, Redwood Falls police chief, the company advised city staff it had found no record in their system of the community warning sirens in the City of Redwood Falls receiving preventative maintenance since they had been installed.

A check of city records confirmed that fact. 

As those sirens are used to communicate to the residents of danger, it was determined having an inspection to identify any structural or electronic problems that may occur was a good idea.

Indicating in its resolution that community warning sirens are “vital to the protection of life during man made and natural disasters,” the city council approved an agreement with West Shore Services, Inc. to conduct an annual inspection of the five existing sirens in the city at a cost of $550 per siren for a total annual cost of $2,750.

The agreement was approved for a period of four years.

In other action during its meeting, the Redwood Falls city council:

• Approved the purchase of a Kubota park utility vehicle for the park at a cost of $19,900 from Kesteloot Enterprises. The new vehicle replaces the current one that was described as burning a quart of oil per day, leaking antifreeze and in need of suspension work with parts that are difficult to find or unavailable.

• Approved the employment of Samantha Felt as the new parks and recreation operations coordinator.

• Approved the employment of Steve Schroeder as assistant police chief.

• Declared the buildings at 120 East Wyoming as a hazard to public safety and ordered the current owner to remediate or remove the hazardous buildings.

A discussion was held during the meeting that outlined the timeline leading up to the city council decision to make the declaration.

According to Amy Busse, city attorney, this past August the owners of the property, Garey and Meggan Stewart, requested that an inspection of the buildings be conducted to determined their safety. The inspection resulted in the discovery of numerous deficiencies.

As a result, Tim Hanna, city building official and fire marshal, declared the buildings to be unsafe and a hazard and ordered them vacated.

In October it was discovered that a quit claim deed was recorded transferring the ownership of the property to First Evangelical Christian Church. Dick Clements representing the church talked about the condition of the home with the council and expressed his desire to repair the home and garage on the site.

Busse indicated the new owner had been informed of the declaration, but added until the meeting no action had been taken to remediate the conditions. Clements indicated that some work had been done, adding the plan is to repair both buildings.

The owner of the buildings at the Wyoming Street address will be served with paperwork indicating the decision of the city council and will be required to meet with city staff to put together a plan and gain the appropriate permits to proceed with the remediation.

• Approved the transfer of entitlement dollars from the City of Rushford to the City of Redwood Falls in the amount of $263,805 for the municipal airport for its seven-bay hangar project.

With an estimated cost of $1.5 million, the city has been working out agreements with other units of government to utilize their airport entitlement dollars for this project with the intent of paying back those dollars out of the city’s future funds.

According to Jim Doering, city public works project coordinator, the most recent allocation leaves the city in need of approximately $109,000 for the project.

• Approved the plans and specifications for the seven-bay hangar project and authorized city staff to put the project out for bids.

• Approved the employment of Bolton and Menk, Inc., which will serve as the city’s airport consulting engineer for the next five years.

According to Doering, the city is required by the Federal Aviation Administration to have a consulting engineer agreement in place.