50 years ago

February 1968

• Lydia (Winona) Watterson, the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Chief Little Crow, and her husband Charles, were working to have St. Cornelia’s Episcopal Church at the Lower Sioux Indian Community host a weekly service in the Dakota language. The church already had a Bible and hymnal in the Dakota language.

• RFHS graduate Michael Frederickson, then a Rhodes scholar studying at Oxford University, mailed his draft card back to the Redwood County selective service board, saying it had no legal or moral force over him. In response, Frederickson was posted as delinquent, and board members believed he would be arrested when he returned to the United States.

• Cottonwood’s annual fishing derby was famous for the way no one had ever actually caught a fish during it, but the Minnesota conservation department threatened to ruin next year’s event by seeding the lake with thousands of panfish.

• Frank Stevenson of Redwood Falls had the honor of shaking Arnold Palmer’s hand during a trip to Las Vegas. Stevenson figured that in itself should be enough to take a stroke or two off his handicap when the golf season started.

• More than 100 drivers and 1,000 spectators turned out for the Winter Carnival snowmobile races held on Lake Redwood.

• When Janet Stramel, 12, of Redwood Falls, had open-heart surgery at the University of Minnesota hospital, she received 12 units of blood at no cost because her parents were blood donors.

25 years ago

February 1993

• At the first meeting to discuss the consolidation of North Redwood and Honner Township into Redwood Falls, the organizers were startled at how similar all three ordinances and regulations were and about how little work would actually be needed in order to bring them together.

• Miss Minnesota Jo Bender was the featured speaker at the Redwood Area Chamber of Commerce annual banquet.

• As part of the banquet, Chamber board members Scott Larson and Jim Schulte had the honor of burning the mortgage for the Chamber of Commerce building, which was finally paid off.

• St. John Lutheran School in Redwood Falls held several events to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its day school for local children.

• For some reason not detailed in the Feb. 10, 1993 Redwood Gazette, one of the St. John Lutheran School celebration events required the use of two live rats. Volunteer driver Shorty Young traveled to Mankato to pick them up.

• After several flat years, sales of Minnesota lottery tickets took off in 1992, rising 27 percent over the previous year.

• After recovering for three months in the Twin Cities, local resident Pat Smart finally came home after receiving a heart transplant.

• RVHS band leader Don Zschunke led the newly-organized Redwood Valley community pep band at its debut during the Cardinals’ game against Luverne.

• RVHS hosted a teacher in-service day that brought in nearly 1,000 teachers from around southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa.

10 years ago

February 2008

• Based on experience, to prepare for Valentine’s Day, Blossom Town in Redwood Falls ordered 2,600 roses to have on hand for last-minute purchases.

• Mark Magers was named the new Redwood Falls Fire Department chief.