January is right to life month.

To celebrate the value of human life at all levels, the churches of the Redwood area are hosting a prayer and worship service for life and healing this coming Sunday (Jan. 28) at Redwood Alliance Church in Redwood Falls.

The service is scheduled to start at 5 p.m.

“The issues behind the Roe vs. Wade decision have always been politically and morally charged,” said Marcus Kendall, Cornerstone Church pastor, who has been helping to coordinate the annual service this year. “This is a chance for those who value the sanctity of life to gather together and seek the Lord’s wisdom and favor.”

The purpose of the service is to bring together the Redwood area church family to pray for those who have difficult family planning decisions to make and to pray for those who have made that decision.

The event will include a time or worship, as well as a time of prayer led by various pastors from the community. In addition, those who attend will have the chance to learn more about a local organization that focuses on those life issues. That entity, known as the Choices Pregnancy Center, has been part of the community for a number of years.

For Kendall and Dennis Entinger, who is also helping coordinate the service, the idea is to provide a value through which people can learn more about the Choices Pregnancy Center and what it offers.

Kendall said the Choices Pregnancy Center is more than just about family planning decisions. It also focuses on supporting families and parents who have decided to carry their baby to term long after that child is born.

“We are blessed to have an organization like this in our community,” said Kendall.

Those who attend the service will have the chance to support the Choices Pregnancy Center, as well, as Kendall said some form of free-will offering opportunity will be made available.

Everyone is invited to attend the prayer service for life and healing this coming Sunday in Redwood Falls.