Redwood Falls got a new option for public transit this past week, and no one could have predicted its success.

Due to the fact that the Green Route has been so well received in its first several days in operation, there is already enough information to see ways it can be improved. The riding public is going to see minor changes to the Green Route this week effective as of Monday, Jan. 15.

“We are absolutely thrilled by the public’s excitement about the Green Route,” said Cathleen Amick, United Community Action Partnership (UCAP) community transit program director.

According to Amick, the Green Route in Redwood Falls started stronger than any other fixed route community transit has created. It had four riders by its second hour of existence. In such a rural city, that is an amazing beginning.

“When we started the Red and Blue routes in Marshall, we had entire days of service with single-digit numbers for the first several months,” said Amick. “It’s proof that people have wanted more transit options in Redwood Falls for a long time.” 

Nick Leske, community transit operations administrator, said the changes to the route aim at making it more useable for riders.

“We’ll actually be adding a stop,” said Leske.

Originally, there was one stop for the Redwood Falls Public Library and Homestead Estates. Beginning this week, the route will stop at the front door of the library at 18 minutes past the hour before going to Homestead Estates two minutes later.

“We realized that the location of the current stop isn’t convenient for people at the library and that we could easily stay within our time schedule even if we make an extra stop,” Leske said.

The other change people will notice is that the hour-long lunch break will be at noon.

“This way we have four hours on either side of the break, and we always have at least two buses on the road,” added Leske.

Find out more information, route maps and a schedule of the stops on the UCAP community transit Web site at, or stop by the Redwood Falls office.