The Redwood County 4-H Federation hosted its annual awards program in early December in Wabasso. The event is held to recognize the successes of Redwood County 4-Hers and to honor those who have helped over the past year to make the program successful.

What follows is a list of the award winners and those who were honored at the program:

• Bill Brockway, area veterinarian, and the Redwood Falls National Guard Armory were recognized as the Redwood County Friend of 4-H for 2017. The award is the highest Redwood County 4-Hers can bestow on those individuals who have supported the county program.

• Gloria Dei Riders 4-H Club – Betsy Joyce, first year member, Maggie Joyce, first year member, Martin Kaden, first year member, Aidan Koplin, first year member, Taia Koplin, first year member, Gracelyn Malecek, first year member, Zachariah Malecek, first year member, Lauren Miller first year member, Austin Ourada, first year member, Hailyn Ourada, first year member, Lincoln Ourada, first year member, Nolan Ourada, first year member, Nicole Whit-more, first year member and Cindy Wittwer-Swierenga, 10-year leader.

• Springdale Climbers – Skye Bents, first year member and Tom and Shannon Hook, 11-year leader.

• Sunktanka – Salina HisDay, first year member, Shyanna Johnson, first year member, Kaila Renville, first year member and Laverne Goodthunder, six-year leader. Laverne Goodthunder was also recognized for her time and dedication to the horse program with the Minnesota 4-H horse project volunteer award. She was presented the award during the Minnesota state horse show.

• Golden Gophers – Faith and Ken Johnson, 11-year leaders, Brenda and Paul Zeug, five year leaders, Ty Bernardy, fifth year member, Ethan Carlson, record keeping awards in creative arts, flower gardening, poultry, sheep, swine and vegetable gardening, Jayden Carlson, record keeping awards in flower gardening, food preservation, poultry, sheep, swine and vegetable gardening, Grant Gronau, first year member, Lane Guggisberg, fifth year member, Wyatt Guggisberg, fifth year member, Haley Hacker, top dog project winner, Chase Kodet, first year member, Jakob Kodet, first year member, Morgan Kodet, fifth year member, Sophie Kodet, fifth year member, Chad Maddock, 10th year member, Colton Mages, record keeping awards in creative arts, fine arts, tractor, wildlife and fisheries and wood science, Luke Mages, fifth year member and record keeping awards in creative arts, self-determined, tractor, Madilyn Mages, fifth year member and record keeping awards in consumer education, creative arts, fine arts, food and nutrition, health and home environment and Lauren Zeug, leadership award. Jayden Carlson was also presented the David Alcorn Memorial swine trophy which recognizes active leadership in demonstrating, judging and exhibiting swine. Jayden Carlson was presented the food preservation award. Lauren Zeug was presented the top youth leader award. Madilyn Mages was presented the top reporter award in recognition of her role in promoting 4-H in the community. Luke Mages was presented the top treasurer award. Hannah Hacker was recognized as the top junior project leader for the county dog project. The top dog project award was presented to Haley Hacker. 

• Milroy Go Getters – Leslie LaVoy, fifth year leader, Victoria Coudron, 10th year member, Levi Hauger, first year member, Tanner Hauger, record keeping awards in flower gardening, engineering design and he received a dairy goat participation certificate, Leah Lightfoot, record keeping award in creative arts, Megan Schwartz, fifth year member, Adam Well, record keeping award in dairy, Katelyn Zeug, fifth year member and record keeping award in fine arts and Sam Zeug, record keeping award in crop science.

• Valley Blazers – Shereen Masters-Frank, fifth year leader, Alexis Altmann, fifth year member, August Deterling, first year member, Kendall Garnhardt, fifth year member, Elias Green, first year member, Gina Huhnerkoch, fifth year member, Rachel Huhnerkoch, fifth year member and Victoria Jorgensen, fifth year member. Ashtyn Altmann was presented an honorable mention award for her role as club treasurer.

• Vesta Vikings – Laura Stage, 12th year leader, Kelly Krause, 11th year leader, Keegan Bengtson, 10th year member, Justin Bernardy, 10th year member, Lindsey Bernardy, 10th year member, Jamie Bottelberghe, first year member, Mary Bottelberghe, first year member, Cheyenne Carlson, fifth year member, Amos Krause, 10th year member, Calli Newton, 10th year member, James Soupir, fifth year member, John Soupir, fifth year member and Lance Wager, 10th year member. Anna Krause was recognized with the top secretary award.

• Lamberton Leprechauns – Kerry Netzke, fifth year leader, Leah Teveldal, fifth year leader, Carter Beranek, fifth year member, Eamon Garrett, first year member, Finian Garrett, first year member, Gwendolyn Garrett, first year member, Callie Highby, first year member, Eva Highby, first year member, Carly Hubert, first year member, Kathryn Hubert, first year member, Morgan Hubert, first year member, Keena Kosel, first year member, Ethan Latourell, first year member, Noah Netzke, 10th year member and record keeping awards in crop science, fleece, indoor gardening, sheep and wood science, Aiden Prechel, first year member, Eva Redman, first year member, Gavin Rusten, first year member, Hailey Teveldal, dog handler of the year award; Aron VanMeveren, first year member, Quintyn Vold, fifth year member, Quintin Willhite, first year member. The wood science award was presented to Noah Netzke. Noah Netzke was also presented the Joe Zeug Memorial field crop achievement award.

• Shooting Sports – Jerry Ludwig, 12th year leader, Logan Booth, first year member, Eric Foy, 10th year member Gabrielle Houle, record keeping awards in demonstration, fine arts and needle arts, Adriel Johnson, first year member, Brayden Reynolds, first year member, Natalie Sullivan, fifth year member, Catherine Turbes, 10th year member and Jared Zollner, 10th year member. Jared Zollner was presented the Chad Landkammer Memor-ial Award for growth and leadership in shooting sports.