Minnesotans are starting 2018 out on the right foot by making a commitment to safe driving.

No fatalities were reported on Minnesota roads to start the new year. As of late last week, the last reported death on Minnesota roads was Dec. 28.

Preliminary numbers from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety (DPS-OTS) show 348 people died on Minnesota roads in 2017.

These numbers may change, but this is the lowest number of fatalities in Minnesota since 1943 (274) and second lowest since 1926 (326).

Through education and enforcement efforts, more Minnesotans are making the right choices behind the wheel by:

• Driving sober.

• Wearing their seat belt.

• Paying attention.

• Driving the speed limit.

The 348 traffic fatalities reported in 2017 include:

• 235 motor vehicle occupants.

• 52 motorcyclists, compared with 53 that were reported this time last year.

• 38 pedestrians, compared with 60 that were reported this time last year.

• Six bicyclists, compared with seven that were reported this time last year.

• 17 people died in other vehicles.

Learn more at www.dps.state.mn.us

Photo courtesy of Internet public domain