On Dec. 14, 2017, at approximately 10:32 a.m., the Renville County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a vehicle lying on its roof in the bottom of a drainage ditch.

The incident was reported as being in Judicial Ditch 15, which is about one-quarter mile east of Hector, and that the area of the ditch where the vehicle entered was along a farm field north of US Highway 212 and at least one quarter mile from any nearby road.

The Hector Ambulance Service responded to the scene along with Renville County Sheriff’s deputies.

Upon arrival at the scene, responding personnel discovered that the vehicle was frozen into the ice in the ditch, suggesting that the vehicle had entered the water a significant amount of time prior to the emergency call.

Upon moving the vehicle to access its interior, emergency personnel discovered the body of an adult male inside. The decedent was identified as Richard C. Bain, Jr., 48, of Cohasset.

A preliminary investigation revealed that, for unknown reasons, Bain had driven approximately one quarter mile across a tilled farm field before entering the drainage ditch.

It is unknown exactly when the crash occurred. The Renville County Sheriff’s Department is continuing its investigation with assistance from the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office.