Terry Weilage is not the type of person who likes a lot of attention. He would much rather talk about the successes of others and to just do his job.

With 26 years of service to Schult Homes in Redwood Falls as a sales representative, including serving since 2012 as the sales manager, Weilage understands the ins and outs of the manufactured home industry and what it takes to help make it a success.

While Weilage may not be one to point to the successes he has experienced, others are more than willing to do that, and earlier this year he was recognized for his efforts as the recipient of the 2017 Minnesota Manufactured Home Association Hall of Fame award. 

The award was presented to Weilage during the 2017 Minnesota Manufactured Home Association (MMHA) annual meeting and awards luncheon Dec. 6 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Plymouth.

More than 160 MMHA members from all segments of the industry were on hand to witness the induction. Weilage, who serves on the MMHA board of directors, was nominated for the Hall of Fame by one of his peers, said Mark Brunner, MMHA president.

“Terry goes above and beyond the call of duty for this industry,” said Brunner, adding it is because he is such a strong ambassador that he was selected.

Brunner pointed to a recent event held at the Schult Homes plant in Redwood Falls when Weilage and the rest of the Schult team hosted a group of legislators providing them the opportunity to see firsthand the inner workings of a manufacturing site.

The MMHA has been in existence for 66 years, said Brunner, adding it is people like Terry Weilage who help to ensure the industry is alive and well and that the MMHA and its priorities and concerns are constantly on the legislative radar.

While Weilage expressed his appreciation for the award, adding he is very honored to be recognized, he is also quick to point out all of the success that he has had is because of the strong team that has existed throughout his time working Schult Homes. Weilage pointed to fellow Hall of Fame inductee Dennis Moore, who hired him and served in a mentoring role for Weilage until he took over the role Moore had served in until his retirement.

“It is always great to be recognized by your peers,” said Weilage, adding he enjoys what he does and appreciates the chance he was given 26 years ago to be part of the industry.

Weilage said being a sales representative for a company like Schult is easy because of the quality of the product he is selling.

That, he added, can be attributed to each person who does their job and does it well all the way down the line. Weilage admitted he knew nothing about his induction into the Hall of Fame.

Expressing his appreciation of the honor, Weilage also said being able to do a job like his well also points to the people standing beside him, including his family, especially his wife, Holly, and their four children.

“Working in sales means being out on the road a lot,” said Weilage. “That comes at a cost at times for family.”

Weilage said the commitment and support his family has shown him over the years is something he very much appreciates. Weilage said in addition to doing his sales job for Schult, he also is involved through MMHA in some of the political work for the industry.

During the state legislative session he will make trips to St. Paul to testify on certain bills being proposed and how they would impact the industry. He said that is possible because of people like Brunner and the staff at MMHA standing behind him telling him what to say.

While Weilage was pointed out individually, Schult Homes as a whole was also recognized by MMHA as the company that registered the most homes in Minnesota for 2017.

“We have won that award 11 out of the last 12 years,” said Weilage, adding the numbers show it has sold more than 550 homes this year.

The reason for that success, said Weilage, is because of the reputation it has developed for selling a quality product.

“Being a first-time home buyer can be very stressful,” said Weilage. “We want to make that experience as positive as possible for our customers.”

The flexibility Schult offers to customers makes the company stand out, Weilage said, adding service to those who buy a home from Schult is a priority.

The fact that this award is consistently being won by Schult is testimony to its quality and commitment, said Brunner.

“Winning an award like this gives credence to what we do here at Schult,” said Weilage. “For us its is about providing a quality produce and taking care of the customer.”

Weilage added having an owner in Clayton Homes that allows Schult to do what it does best makes the job easier, as does having a strong group of dealerships who work with Schult to provide a top-notch product.

“People here take pride in what they are building,” said Weilage, adding that shows in the number of houses it is selling not only in Minnesota but across the region.