The Christmas season is a time of celebration, as families gather to enjoy fellowship with one another. The holiday season can also be a time when the community as a whole gathers to make a difference.

In recent years, a new tradition has also become part of this time of the year, as people gather to place wreaths in honor and memory of those whose sacrifices have made our freedoms a reality.

Locally this event is called Wreaths Across the Redwood Area, and that event is happening Dec. 16.

Wreaths are placed at each site to honor all branches of the military.

A program is being held at noon in a number of area communities.

What follows is a list of program locations:

• In Belview at the American Legion Hall fence

• In Clements at the park near the American Legion Hall

• In Lamberton at Memorial Park

• In the Lower Sioux community at the Bishop Whipple Mission

• In Lucan at the city park

• In Milroy at the southwest corner of the city park

• In Morton at the northwest corner of the city -park

• In Redwood Falls at the Armory by the Brent Koch Memorial

• In Redwood Falls at Memorial Field

• In Revere at the park

• In Sanborn at the bell tower

• In Seaforth at the American Legion

• In Vesta at the community center flag pole

• In Wabasso at the community center • In Walnut Grove at the American Legion Hall

• In Wanda at the gazebo near the fire hall

All are encouraged to attend a ceremony to pay tribute to all who have served.