50 years ago

December 1967

• The Redwood Falls Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) announced it had leased land next to Lake Redwood for the building of a 60-unit low rent housing complex to be built.

• After James Pettis and William Read each received 27 votes for mayor of North Redwood, Pettis won the position based on a coin toss.

• The Redwood Falls golf course was marked with colorful pennants to show areas forbidden to snowmobilers, but the total lack of snow made the pennants an irritant to folks still golfing the first week in December.

• A one-room schoolhouse several miles north of North Redwood was closed by a vote of its board of education. The grades 1-6 school had eight students, most of whom it was assumed would go to Redwood Falls schools starting the next year.

• A rural Redwood Falls farmer was taking his children to choir practice when he found a car parked in his farmyard, and a man sitting in it asking the farmer to call the sheriff. The farmer did, and it turned out the driver was a Westhope, N.D. man with a history of mental illness, who had stolen the car and gotten lost.

25 years ago

December 1992

• When the controller for the downtown street lights stopped working, the city council voted to replace the lights with permanent stop signs.

• The police news noted a rather odd theft: someone had broken into a garage and taken just one tire off a parked 1981 Cadillac. Nothing else in the garage was missing.

• The city announced the new volume-based garbage pickup system would begin Jan. 1, 1993. Instead of a flat fee for weekly garbage pickup, people would be charged for special bags, and they could leave as many or as few of them out as they wanted since they paid for them individually.

• The state fire marshal praised the Redwood Falls Fire Department’s handling of a fire in an antique store on S. Mill Street, pointing out the way the old, 1890s-era building was constructed, the whole block could have gone up in flame.

10 years ago

December 2007

• The Redwood Falls City Council asked the county board to chip in with animal care costs, considering the Redwood Falls animal shelter was responsible for taking care of lost, abandoned or stray animals from across the county.

• RVHS student Whitney Josephson collected 350 books to send to an orphanage in India.

• Architects presented a preliminary plan to start remodeling the old Morgan’s grocery store into a new Redwood County government center.