Victoria Jorgenson admitted she is very excited.

After all, she has accomplished something few others her age can claim. The RVMS eighth grader has published a book.

When a copy of her book first arrived, Jorgenson said she just could not help but express her enthusiasm.

“I didn’t want to let it go. I just wanted to keep holding it,” she said.

Taking that book into her hands was the culmination of a months-long process that began with her idea to write something different.

“I usually write short stories,” said Jorgenson, adding after a while she decided to write something longer that resulted in her book “Time is a Complicated Thing.” 

Jorgenson said she started the process after having a dream that offered the idea for the book, and for the next 10 months she worked in writing the book and getting it published.

Rather than go through the process of finding a publisher, Jorgenson, with the help of family, teachers and friends, opted to self-publish her book through Amazon.

Jorgenson went online and learned what it would take to publish her book, and then she got help with the editing and formatting.

“I took the photo on the cover,” Jorgenson added. “I was not originally going to use it.”

However, after a while she felt it was the right fit and opted to use it, adding she is pleased with how it looks. Writing is something Jorgenson said she really enjoys.

“I have a lot of random ideas,” she said, adding those ideas then develop into her stories.

The book, Jorgensen explained, is about a high school girl who discovers she has a power – she can tell exactly when people are going to die.

The fictional tale is written in first person from the perspective of the main character, Kaylie, who learns from her grandfather that she has this special gift. The story unfolds as Kaylie interacts with family and friends learning more about her powers and the people in her life.

There are elements of fantasy, suspense and romance in Jorgenson’s book, which was officially uploaded and offered for sale Nov. 22. The book can be found on Amazon and sells for $6, said Jorgenson.

“Writing is enjoyable for me,” said Jorgenson. “I like knowing that there are so many different things to write about and so many different ways to write them.”

Jorgenson said she started taking a more serious interest in writing when she was in the sixth grade, adding for the most part not that many people have ever read what she has written.

Yes, she admitted, it is exciting but also a bit nerve-racking to know there are other people who are reading her story.

While most of the people who have purchased and read her book are family and close friends, the feedback she has received from everyone has been positive.

Jorgenson said she also plans to order a few copies to have on hand and to sell at craft fairs she attends with her mom, Nicole Jorgenson. That family support from her mom, dad, Rick, and little brother, Ben, has been something Jorgenson said she appreciates. Many of her family members and friends who helped make her first book possible are mentioned in the acknowledgements in the book.

The story ends with a cliffhanger, which leaves the reader wondering what will happen next. Jorgenson said while the process of completing her first book was still happening she had already started her next one.

“I am 20 pages into that story,” she said.

Jorgenson said she is willing to sign her book if people ask.

While Jorgenson is not sure where writing will take her, at this point she thinks it will be a hobby. However, she left the door open to the possibility of making it a career.

Time, as it has been written, will tell.