The October Redwood Falls Red Cross blood drive this past Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 23-24) had a few firsts.

First, it was new local blood drive coordinator Heather Smith’s first time taking a blood drive through the whole process, from gathering volunteers weeks in advance to seeing the Red Cross workers out the door Tuesday evening.

Second, it was the local blood drive’s first time in its new permanent location, the Evangelical Free Church just off of Bridge Street.

Both, by all accounts, went well.

“We had a drop-in,” Smith said Oct. 24. “A woman was driving by on Highway 19, saw our signs out front and decided to drop in.”

So obviously, the new location with its greater visibility to the public passing by, was an advantage.

Smith admitted Tuesday that her second day on the job had gone better than the first.

“Nothing seemed to go right yesterday,” she lamented.

Luckily, Redwood Falls is one of the few places in the state that usually has two-day blood drives, giving everyone a chance to apply what they learned quickly.

With the new location, the regular donors and the double-red donors have separate rooms, with the church’s kitchen area in between.

The general impression?

By the time the final donors left Tuesday evening, the October blood drive was a roaring success.

The next one is set for January 2018.

Total donors: 195

Total Power Red donors: 35

Total units collected: 204

First Time Donors - Jamie Stillson, Julie Swedburg

Pins awarded:

• One Gallon - Beth Beerman, Diane Hassebroek, Larry Bell

• Two Gallons - Benjamin Beadell

• Six Gallons - Bruce Kaardal, Jan Raddatz

• Seven Gallons - Ag Johanneck

• Eight Gallons - Jo Kremin, Steven Simning

• Nine Gallons - Jim Guggisberg, Joyce McKay, Chuck Steffensmeier Theresa Wertish

• 13 Gallons - Donald Leopold, Theresa Zeug, Laura Johnson

• 14 Gallons - Ardis Alexander

• 15 Gallons - Bernard Guetter, Scott Hylland