50 years ago

September 1967

• Local teens Donald Buckley, 16, and Scott Larson, 17, were out duck hunting near Echo, and each shot several ducks rising off Hustad Lake. Not having dogs or a boat to fetch the ducks, the teens stripped to their underwear and swam out to get the ducks in the frigid water themselves, to the applause of other nearby hunters.

• The Hopfenspirger-Schoffman Implement Co. offered a $100 reward for information leading to the capture of the vandals who let the air out of 240 tractor tires on the lot over two weekends.

• Because of the amount of column inches taken up by astoundingly detailed descriptions of the bride’s dress in wedding announcements, Gazette staff were pondering entering the national trend of charging for wedding announcements. The alternative was to put a word-limit on wedding dress descriptions.

• Redwood Gazette editor John Schneider noted with puzzlement that five of the six Redwood Falls High School Homecoming queen candidates used to be in a Sunday School class he taught.

25 years ago

September 1992

• The Redwood Area Library Foundation kicked off a new $1 million fundraising drive toward the cost of a new library facility. The goal was to double that amount with the help of a federal matching grant.

• Jon Thielen and Anna Radel were selected as the Redwood Valley High School Homecoming king and queen.

• Even after it was finished and dedicated, the fate of a mural by area artist Gary Butzer on the side of an Alexandria building was still in doubt. After the mural was started, an Alexandria history group objected to the mural, stating that although it was legally allowed to be on that particular building, the mural should still be painted over since it was close to some other buildings of historical value.

• Kelly Potter, eight, of Redwood Falls, placed third in her age group in the Minnesota state pedal tractor pullers tournament.

10 years ago

September 2007

• Bob Van Hee was inducted into the Minn-esota Amateur Baseball Hall of Fame for his decades of work contributing to small-town baseball, especially with the local town team the Redwood Redbirds.