50 years ago

August 1967

• Crop duster pilot Clarence Kramer of Springfield was able to walk away from his plane after it grazed a tree, lost a wing and the gas tank exploded.

• Redwood Falls’ regular bus service was experiencing some bad days, with a rider reporting the driver of a two-hours-late bus announcing, “This is your bus driver speaking. We are going to Canby ...hopefully...if we’re lucky.”

• Redwood Gazette editor John Schneider expressed disappointment with how the TV series The Fugitive ended, pointing out the series never explicitly makes it clear the one-armed man was the murderer, and that the true murderer of Dr. Richard Kimball’s wife might still be out there.

• Eighteen area rural school teachers met for a workshop at the Redwood County courthouse to receive materials for the new school year. Then they went out to tea at the library.

• A price war between Redwood Falls’ three main dairies – Pine Tree, Oak Grove and Marigold – resulted in the local price of milk dropping from 49 cents per gallon to 38 cents per gallon within the span of a week. A dairy manager who asked to speak anonymously said he “didn’t like it a bit.”

• Despite heavy rains, the new $1.3 million, 42-bed addition to the Redwood Falls hospital was on schedule, with most of the flooring in place for the new basement.

• The Koffee Kup cafe announced a new delivery service, driving coffee and other lunch items to area construction crews.

• The biggest tractor pull in southwest Minnesota’s history was held at the Redwood County fairgrounds, with a half-million dollars’ worth of tractors from 14 counties competing.

• The city received notice its grant application for low-rental apartment housing had tentatively been approved for the building that would later be called Lake-side Manor.

• Thieves stole 46 cases of beer from the Olivia Bottling works, breaking in through a window during the night.

25 years ago

August 1992

• For the first time, the Redwood Valley High School football team was actually, officially called “the Redwood Valley High School” football team and not the Redwood Falls - Morton High School football team.

• RVHS cross country coach Cheryl Larson joked she was ready to put an ad in the newspaper looking for more boys to be on the team. So far only four boys had signed up for varsity cross country, not enough to enter in competitions.

• St. John Lutheran School officials were pondering buying the REM building for use as an elementary school.

10 years ago

August 2007

• Vesta city officials grumbled they might have to rename the town’s annual Redwood River Days celebration because the portion of the river that passes near Vesta is, according to the state Army Core of Engineers, legally called, “Judicial Ditch 37.”