Good Samaritan Society is a great place to build a career caring for others.

Good Samaritan Society in Redwood Falls is not only a great place for your loved ones when they need full-time care, it is also a great place to build a career caring for others.

The goal of Good Samaritan is to make everyone feel loved, valued, and at peace. We want this for our residents, our visitors, and our staff.


Caring for others is a tough job. It is a calling for people who have a big heart and a willingness to devote their lives to others.


At Good Samaritan, we work hard to make this career path as rewarding as possible for our employees.


We offer flexible work schedules, so having a positive impact on other people’s lives doesn’t mean you give up balancing your own life.


For those who are considering pursuing this career, Good Sam offers amazing scholarship opportunities. As long as you work an average of 10 hours a week, we pay for the entirety of your schooling. Not only that, for working families, we can pay your daycare bill for the hours you are in school.

Take Tisha Giernet, for example.

She started out in our dietary department as a “food nutrition assistant” and was promoted to a CNA, with training we provided!

Then, using our scholarship opportunities, she went on to get a degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN.)

It took Tisha only two years to complete her degree, and not only did we help her with scholarships, but we worked with her scheduling so she was always able to get to class on time. Plus, throughout her schooling, she was getting real life work experience that helped her excel in her classes.

This help allowed Tisha to achieve her dreams without short-term and long-term financial strain.

“It feels really good to achieve that,” said Tisha. “As a single mom, going back to school is hard.”


The support that Good Sam offered was instrumental in achieving her educational goals.


“If you have opportunities in front of you, take them,” said Tisha.

A great bit of wisdom for everyone.

So, here is your is time to take it!


If you want more information, you contact Marcus Parence at Good Samaritan, Sunwood at 507-637-9802.


You can also go and search careers.