50 years ago

July 1967

• Vandals managed to stack 55 picnic tables in the Ramsey Park lower shelter house parking lot, making a pyramid 35 feet high. As irritating as it was for city staff to dismantle the pyramid, they grudgingly admitted they had to admire the vandals’ energy and precise engineering skills to pull it off, especially since it had to have been built in the middle of the night.

• Bossie, an eight year old cow belonging to Henry Weiss of rural Wabasso, gave birth to her sixth consecutive set of twin calves.

• A worker at the Control Data facility in Redwood Falls asked the Gazette’s editors to clarify that she was holding a piece of chalk in a photo that appeared in the Gazette the previous week and not a cigarette, as her husband suspected.

• The Redwood County Fair brought back an attraction that hadn’t been seen in many years: harness racing, with some of the best horse racers in the midwest participating.

• James Otto, district manager for Financial Programs, Inc., confirmed his firm’s booth at the county fair would be displaying a genuine $10,000 bill.

• Army Private Phillip Pederson, 19, of Lamberton, received a week of guerrilla warfare exercises, living in a simulated Vietnamese village built in Louisiana.

25 years ago

July 1992

• Douglas Johnson, 19, of Gary, Ind., was arrested for shooting Redwood Falls police officer Derek Woodford during an attempted bank burglary the week before.

• The first local summer play to be performed at the high school’s new performing arts center, the comedy "Greater Tuna," held its debut.

• Also debuting that week: the Redwood Falls Hospital’s new lacroscopic cholesterectomy equipment, which enabled surgeons to remove a gall bladder using cameras and probes inside the patient’s body.

• When Ingrid Storholmen, a Swedish 4-H exchange student visiting the area for the summer and visited Redwood Falls, she was thrilled to meet some local senior citizens who were able to chat with her in her own language.

• Country rock band Just B-Cuzz, from Brookings, S.D., brought a hard-rock, guitar-edged brand of polka to the 19th annual Seaforth Polka festival.

10 years ago

July 2007

• Redwood’s National Guard soldiers serving in Iraq finally arrived back home after serving 16 months – four months longer than the original deployment orders had commanded.

• The Company L March, a piece of music originally written by Millard Root in the early 1900s to honor the Redwood Falls National Guard unit then, was arranged for modern bands by Redwood Valley band teacher Tony Munsterman.

• The 14th annual Redwood County Relay For Life exceeded its $104,000 goal by more than $2,300.

• With its 3-0 victory over the Marshall Blue, the Redwood Falls Blue VFW baseball team earned top seed in the region, and its first state birth in 20 years.