Standing just outside of the law enforcement center in Redwood Falls, representatives of the Redwood Falls Fire Department and the Redwood Falls Police Department shook hands with Rick Zitzmann and Sheldon Zitzmann who had just handed them each a check for more than $1,400.

Those funds are going to be used to enhance the local programs through the purchase of cameras and mobile radios.

So, how did those funds come to the local programs?

They were raised by a group known as the Rapid Relief Team.

“The Rapid Relief Team is a global volunteer organization that was set up to give back to the community,” said Sheldon Zitzmann, team member.

Established in 2013, the Rapid Relief Team is a charitable organization affiliated with the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, and at its core it demonstrates compassion and care through service.

According to the Rapid Relief Team mission, “everywhere we go, our league of volunteers operates with community spirit, compassionate care and supportive hands.”

The volunteers serve in a variety of capacities, said Sheldon Zitzmann, adding it can respond to everything from natural disasters to fundraising events for programs such as the Special Olympics.

Sheldon Zitzmann said the Redwood area Rapid Relief Team recently served food during the Summer Splash celebration in Redwood Falls, and the funds it raised during that time of service were then donated to the local police and fire departments.

The Redwood area team has also been involved with the annual Special Olympics Torch Run held in Redwood Falls each fall, and Sheldon Zitzmann said it typically will reach out in a 50-60-mile radius of Redwood Falls to serve.

Other teams in Minnesota help to cover different areas of the state. Sheldon Zitzmann said the organization will seek out opportunities to serve the community, and at other times have received requests to provide volunteer help.

The local Rapid Relief Team is ready to respond and is willing to help with the needs of the community, whether that be helping to address homelessness or health improvement efforts.

Volunteers are considered “ambassadors of good will” who work toward the greater good by serving people from all walks of life in various times of need.

To learn more about the Rapid Relief Team program and to find out how to contact the local Rapid Relief Team, visit its Web site at