Nancy Revier has an infectious smile and a positive personality. Those who encounter her learn that very quickly. Her positive attitude has lifted the spirits of many over the years, and likely helped her face her own life struggles. Among those challenges is cancer.

“I have had it twice,” said Revier, adding her first diagnosis was in January 2013. 

Revier, who was selected as the 2017 Redwood County Relay For Life honorary chair, recently talked about her cancer experiences and how they have impacted her life.

No, she said, it is never easy, but the support she has received from family and friends, as well as the care from great medical folks, has helped her through those struggles.

Revier said it was when she noticed some bleeding that she went to the doctor, and that examination ultimately led to the removal of a lesion on her uterus. That lesion was diagnosed as cancerous, which led to surgery. Revier said she was cared for by Dr. Janet Bailey of Minnesota Oncology.

“She helped me through the journey,” Revier said. “Dr. Bailey has been just awesome.”

Being that the spot was localized a robotic surgery was conducted, and Revier said she was able to be back at work within two weeks. Things were looking good.

“My checkups were going well,” said Revier. A final appointment was scheduled in January 2014, but that was cancelled as Revier faced the loss of her husband, Gary.

Flooding in June pushed it off again, and she finally went back to be checked in July.

“I told them I was done,” said Revier, but that was not the case.

Another spot was discovered.

“Welcome to my life,” Revier said with a smile.

Additional masses were found in her abdomen, and Revier started chemotherapy and radiation.

By the grace of God, said Revier, the treatments were effective. Follow-up treatments will continue for five years, said Revier, adding she is being seen every four to six months.

“I am still clean,” she said. “I feel very lucky and very blessed.”

Revier said all along the way people she has encountered have been so kind to her.

“I had people I did not even know very well tell me they were willing to drive me to my treatments,” said Revier. “There were people willing to volunteer every day.”

Revier went through six weeks of radiation treatments every day Monday through Friday and received two chemotherapy treatments three weeks apart for six hours each visit.

“We are so blessed to have the hospital here in Redwood Falls,” said Revier, adding she was able to receive her infusion treatments there.”The people there were so kind and made me feel so comfortable. They made sure everything was going well.”

The care she received from local medical personnel went above and beyond the call, said Revier.

The community truly stepped up, whether it was fellow employees helping cover her work hours or others just offering to help however they were able.

Revier said she has truly learned to appreciate Relay For Life, adding the people who are part of that event do such a great job.

“Relay For Life is such a great bonding experience,” said Revier.

Revier said she has family members who have passed away from cancer and that led to her initial connection with the event. It is when you receive a personal diagnosis that the reality of what Relay For Life is and does really hits close to home.

“Being part of Relay For Life is a great experience,” said Revier, adding it is something everyone ought to get involved in at some level. “This is something that really brings out the good in people.”

Recognizing there are people who have made Relay For Life their passion is something Revier admires, and she is looking forward to the opportunity she has as the honorary chair to visit with people during this year’s Relay For Life event.

Revier said she feels honored to have been asked to serve as the honorary chair, adding she knows there are others who have been through much more challenging struggles than she has experienced.

For Revier it is the little things that have happened a part of her cancer journey which she often recalls with fondness, and she has learned to appreciate life much more because of her diagnosis.

Revier encourages everyone to make Relay For Life part of their plans June 21.