Monday’s Red Cross Bloodmobile visit to St. Catherine’s Catholic Church was just great.

“The Red Cross workers said they really enjoyed their visit here Monday,” said one volunteer. “Everything went very smoothly and really hummed along.”

Then Tuesday happened.

“Tuesday was awful,” the same volunteer continued. “We had five deferrals just during the last hour.”

When you combine the day that went great with the day that was just awful, the Redwood Falls collection ended up being ... just a little below average, overall.

The two-day goal was 142, but with 125 total presenting donors, the final total ended up being 137. (Double-red blood cell donors count as two.)

First time donors were Curtis Williams, Alissa Siefkes.

• One gallon: Sarah Stewart-Dwire, Ann Rautenberg, Danielle Nielsen, Janie Myrom.

•Two gallon: Samantha Osborne, Terry Greenslit, Kimberly Seaman.

• Three gallon: Victoria Geiser, Bill Broberg.

• Four gallons: Geri Theis, Eugene L. Dahms, Ross Dolezal.

• Five gallons: James Estum

• Seven gallons: Bev Hoffbeck, Barbara A. Panitzke.

• Eight gallons: Bryan Nelson.

• Nine gallons: Darlene Kissner.

• 10 gallons: Tim Erie, Teresa Rossow.

• 11 gallons: Jody Gewerth.

• 13 gallons: Scott Evink.

• 14 gallons: Kevin Passe.