Please be patient.

That is what the staff of the Redwood County License Center, which is located in the county government center in Redwood Falls, is asking from the public as it goes through a transition that is intended to help create efficiencies in the department.

After the renovation of the license center office took place earlier this year, the State of Minnesota is implementing a new system that will upgrade the current system and is intended to speed up the process.

According to Lisa Guggisberg, Redwood County License Center supervisor, the new system is scheduled to be fully up and running as of July 25. However, due to the transition, a period of limited services will be experienced in the department.

Starting July 20, the license center office will no longer be able to provide certain motor vehicle services. Those services include tab renewals, license plate replacement and title transfers.

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Driver and Vehicle Services, from today though July 24 online vehicle tab renewal will be unavailable. The local unavailability of these services continues July 20-24.

Guggisberg added other services will be available during regular business hours.

Guggisberg and the other license center staff, including technicians Amy Serbus and Robin Kokesch, have had time to practice on the new system, but they all recognize there are going to be issues that come up once the system is fully operational across the state.

“Things are going to be slow at first, but in the end we think this will be better for our customers,” said Guggisberg.

That, she added, includes speeding up the process of title transfers, as the new system is intended to move that along at a much faster rate.

According to the department of vehicle services “turnaround time for title transactions will be reduced, and customers will leave the office knowing their vehicle record has been updated in real time instead of experiencing a delay in the process."

Serbus added customers should probably allow for extra time for an office visit as the staff adjusts to the new system. She also reminded the public to help speed up the process on their end by bringing the necessary documentation when making any type of transaction.

For example, those who plan on getting new tabs are reminded they have to have current proof of motor vehicle insurance for the vehicle they are registering.

Also, bring your driver’s license or state ID along.

The public is reminded that all information on documents needs to be current. So, be sure to have current address, phone number and driver’s license number, and filling out any documents in advance will only help to speed up the process.

The new office layout, which local staff compared to what one might experience in a bank, is intended to provide faster service, as the computers needed to process information are now located in the front of the office.

Kokesch added all three of the staff members are available, and one does not have to wait at the front to receive service. Just move to the open staff member.

Guggisberg said the staff has received eight weeks of training on the various topics of the new system.

The public is reminded that they are able to purchase hunting and fishing licenses at the license center in Redwood Falls, along with all of the other services they have come to expect over the years.

The system that has been in place in license centers across the state was developed in the 70s, and while there have been minor upgrades, the new system is intended to bring the license center process and public experience into the 21st Century.

According to the Department of Driver and Vehicle Services the new system has been in transition for about one year as it works to replace the 30-year-old information technology system.

The staff of the Redwood County License Center is looking forward to the opportunity to better serve the public with the new system, but it is also hoping that people will understand that things, especially in the beginning, may take a little bit longer than one might be used to.

Those who need to have services that will not be available during the three day window performed are encouraged to do so as soon as is possible. Remember the office will not be closed during that time. Certain services will not be available.

To find out more visit the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Web site at us.

Information on the local license center is located on the Redwood County Web site at