The Redwood County Sheriff’s Department would like to inform citizens in the Milroy, Walnut Grove, Revere, Lucan, and Vesta areas of a developing pattern of burglaries which have been occurring in the rural Redwood County area.

Rural farm sites and a sports facility have fallen victim to burglaries in recent days. Citizens are reminded to keep a watchful eye for suspicious vehicles that appear out of place, appear to be driving in a manner that seems suspicious or are parked in a location where a vehicle should not be.

Citizens are also cautioned to not confront the driver or passengers in the vehicle themselves.

Try to obtain a license plate number, vehicle color, make and model. Any distinguishing characteristics are also helpful. Then call the sheriff’s department to report their observations. The Redwood County Sheriff’s Department is available for calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (507) 637-4036 or 911.

According to Jason Jacobson, Redwood County Sheriff’s Department deputy, there are some things to remember and important tips to consider implementing to help make your residence or business less attractive to burglars.

The first thing, he said, is to make sure things are locked.

“Lock your doors,” he said.

Jacobson added that it is also important for the public to remember not to leave the keys in a vehicle. 

Jacobson said when you are planning to go away for a while, it is a good idea to let someone else know about that. Asking a neighbor to check on your residence or business is a good idea. He added there is a form one can also fill out at the Redwood County Sheriff’s Department office in Redwood Falls that requests residence checks by the county sheriff’s department.

However, if that is the case, it is important for those filling out the form to make sure they have listed all of the people who could potentially have a right to be on a piece of property.

Jacobson said having timed lights can be effective, and he said even the use of a trail camera can be a good tool because it can provide an image of the individual(s).

Whatever you do, warned Jacobson, it is never a good idea to go all over social media telling people how much fun you are having on a vacation or that you are going to be away from home for a long period of time. That is just an invitation to people who are looking for places to burglarize.

“You don’t want to create an opportunity for someone,” he said.

There have been burglary incidents in Redwood County similar to this in the past, said Jacobson, adding it is very important for the public to report what they see by contacting the sheriff’s department as soon as they are able.