More than two decades ago, Ruth Zachow started writing a book.

“I was working at REM and that is where I wrote most of it,” said Zachow, adding there were times during the night hours when she was working but had the opportunity to do other things while she was on the job.

The book ended up on a shelf for a number of years, said Zachow, who said about a year ago she felt the need to get the book down and do something with it.

That resulted in Zachow’s book “My God is Alive! How About Yours?”

She self-published her book that addresses a variety of faith topics from sin and humanity to salvation and forgiveness.

Zachow said she knew God was behind her work, as she received a number of financial gifts to help cover the costs of printing.

“I had 200 printed and have 17 left,” said Zachow, adding she is considering doing another printing of the book.

In addition to having a few copies herself, Zachow also has books available at The Masters Coffee Shop and Bakery in Olivia and Hairstyles Unlimited in Redwood Falls. The books are $10 each.

Zachow admitted she is excited about the book, adding that excitement is not about her and any attention the book brings her.

Rather, it is about the impact the book may have on others as they read it and are introduced to the Christian world view and what the Bible has to say about a variety of topics.

In addition to offering biblical perspective on relevant topics, the book also includes a number of personal stories shared by Zachow that help to give the reader further application of what they are reading. 

Zachow said she enjoys writing, especially when it comes to topics related to her faith as a Christian, and she is excited to know there are people who are using it for everything from personal and family devotions to small group study.

Zachow reiterated the fact that people blessed her with the funds to cover the cost of the book, adding she lives by the belief that if God wants something to be accomplished he will make it happen.

“I believe if it’s God’s will, it’s his bill,” said Zachow with a smile.

The book, explained Zachow, is intended to help people understand who God really is, from his promises to his faithfulness in keeping those promises.

Zachow said she has experienced the faithfulness of God in so many ways in her life and his blessings.

The artwork on the front cover of the book is based on an idea she had that was created by David Mngodo, a former Redwood Falls resident and accomplished artist.

Zachow admitted with a smile that in school she was terrible at typing and her spelling was not that great, adding a teacher actually discouraged her idea of becoming a secretary.

Yet, she added, when God is involved in a task good things happen.

Life, said Zachow, is very interesting, and she expresses that with the words in her book.

“I really can’t take credit for this book,” she said. “This is about being obedient to God.”

In addition to writing, Zachow said she does some speaking in the area. Zachow is currently working on another book, adding she firmly believes it is critical for those who hold to the Christian faith need to work together to help people who need to hear the good news.