50 years ago

July 1967

• ACTIVEaid, a St. Paul company which manufactures hospital and rehabilitation equipment, announced it would move its operations to Redwood Falls, to the building at South and East Streets which was occupied by Marigold Dairies.

• The Renville County Historical Society sponsored a picnic to celebrate a century since Beaver Falls was founded in the area.

• Almost 300 percentage points separated the highest and next highest hitters on the Redbirds baseball team batting list — Roger Krinke’s .560 average compared to second-best hitter Jerry Olerud’s .263 average.

• At 5 a.m. July 3, the temperature recorded at the Red-wood Falls airport was 46 degrees — an all-time low for July in Redwood Falls.

25 years ago

July 1992

• More fallout from the tornadoes that passed through the area earlier in the month: Brenda Zick was mowing her lawn a mile south of Delhi when she found a canceled check from Kooiman’s Store of Lake Wilson, a grocery store open in the late 1940s-early 1950s.

• In May 1992, for the first time ever, the Redwood Falls Hospital’s outpatient billing was higher than its inpatient billing, reflecting a trend toward more outpatient treatments across the nation.

• President George Bush declared Redwood and Renville counties official disaster areas after the 16 separate storms that damaged the area earlier in the month.

• Long-time golfer Jeanne Schneider won a golf tournament at the Redwood Falls Golf Club for the fourth different decade in a row.

10 years ago

July 2007

• Matthew Muetzel celebrated his golden seventh birthday on 7-7-07.

• After Troy and Amanda Goblirsch were let out of the hospital following a motorcycle crash during a Relay For Life fundraiser, a team of bikers escorted them home from North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale.

• Fr. Michael Doyle of St. Catherine’s Catholic Church allowed his head to be shaved once the congregation met the church’s education budget.

• While celebrating her 100th birthday, Pearl Lussenhop credited drinking a glass of Welch’s grape juice every day for her longevity.