In 1992 the Echo community celebrated its centennial.

Now a quarter of a century later, the small Yellow Medicine County town will be celebrating again this summer, and for months local volunteers have been planning that event.

A group of 14 committee members, known as Echo Plans Its Celebration (EPIC), met this past Tuesday night (June 20) to talk about everything from music to memorabilia, as well as plans to help raise more funds to ensure those who visit the community have a memorable experience.

The Echo 125th celebration is scheduled to be held Aug. 18-20, and those who are helping to coordinate the weekend celebration are planning quite an event.

Among the activities currently on the agenda are an all-school reunion, a parade, two street dances, kids activities, displays and fireworks. Naturally, the list of activities for a celebration like this comes with a hefty price tag.

With that in mind, the committee is hosting a fundraising event July 12 at the Echo Community Center.

That day from 5-7 p.m. a hamburger feed is being held, with Sandalz Bar and Grill of Echo preparing the food. Everyone is encouraged to come and help support the celebration.

In addition a wagon has been set up for several months on the end of town to collect aluminum cans to help raise funds for the 125th anniversary festivities. 

While the committee has been working hard to put together the plans, it also recognizes the need for additional help, and there will be a need for lots of hands to help make the event a success.

The committee plans to have a list of volunteer options available during the July 12 fundraiser allowing those who want to lend a hand during the celebration a chance to sign up when and where they are able.

According to Doug Parsons, who led the meeting and is serving as the chair of the EPIC planning committee, there is still a lot of work left to do for the event which is a little less than two months away.

Naturally, an event like this will also include historic displays from the community’s past, and those who have items they would like to loan for the exhibit are encouraged to do so.

A 125th celebration history book is also nearing completion.

To learn more about the upcoming celebration in Echo visit the city’s Web site at, or visit the Echo One Hundred and a Quarter Facebook Page.

More information follows as the event nears.